Friday, May 1, 2015


 You don't feel the pain that I do
And I can't see what's inside you
You don't know the things I've seen
And I can't exist inside your dreams
We can't comprehend the nerves we've exposed 
We are light and dark; diametrically opposed
You want to be loved and cared for 
Two of the things I most abhor
Not that I don't feel these things too
Just that I could never give them to you
For you're an angel bathed in light
And I'm a demon at home in the night
I steal that soul your heart exposed
You and I are diametrically opposed
You're sweet innocent pure and naive
I'm a hardened cynic too jaded to believe
Where your halo radiates loving light 
My fires only brighten from screams of fright 
The darker I am the more your light glows
We are diametrically opposed
Your angel song is glorious to those that hear
And I bring terror to those who dare come near
The righteous look to you for guidance
As I punish equally when I have a chance 
They need us both I suppose
For we are diametrically opposed
Only in the dark is light of any use
They need wrong and right in order to choose
I don't commit the wrong nor you the right
Yet they blame us with their limited sight
We are two sides of the same coin I suppose
You and I, diametrically opposed

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