Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Ride

The sun is setting bathed in orange and pinks. 
Backlighting the birds in flight as it slowly sinks. 
A cool and gentle breeze sweeping in off the ocean.
The calming sound of water lapping as the waves are in motion. 
All is serene as a lone ghost crab scurries from the beach. 
Away to its hole and out of a sooty terns diving reach. 
I hear the sound, so soft and so faint at a distance. 
Straining to hear but the seas sounds cause tympanic resistance. 
Focusing I can barely see her at first but it's a familiar sight. 
A different version but she always appears at last light. 
Closer now and gaining quickly at a full run. 
I always sit and wait as I watch the failing sun. 
She comes on at blinding speed with her giant stride. 
She will bear down on me thinking I'm scared inside. 
Screams and sparks flying up every time she touches ground. 
It's a familiar sight and a surprisingly welcome sound. 
Upon me now she sees I'm unafraid and slides to a halt. 
Already she's covered mane to withers in sweat and salt. 
"It's going to be a long night for you girl" I vow. 
She senses the paradigm shift but doesn't know how. 
I'm supposed to be terrified already but I smile a devilish grin. 
The ocean turns to fire and the birds to tortured souls once again. 
I'm well versed in this dark change in the tide. 
As I mount my nightmare and prepare for the ride. 
Bodies fall from the sky like ash from volcanic fury. 
It's not I but this coal black mount who needs worry. 
She came here to terrify and paralyze me as she's created to do. 
But realizing I'm more sinister than she is she knows she's subdued. 
My poor nightmare is losing all footing and control. 
Now I'm her demon keeper and I enjoy living the role. 
She begins to tremble as she slowly turns pale. 
Now I'm Death astride her and I've her soul to sale. 
Each night my psyche will send me another nightmare to break. 
And every time I'll have more fun than when I'm awake.