Sunday, May 31, 2015


Outside the snow falls as it desires
and the wind howls like a lonely wolf in the night. 
The chilly air rapidly overtaking the dying fire 
as the moon hangs in the sky, glowing bright. 
Wine glasses empty next to the discarded
carafe on that wooden table by the door. 
The two of us first started 
talking and it led to so much more. 
Pulses quickened and emotions grew stronger 
leading us to where they've always led in the past. 
Only this time we lasted longer 
and time stood still even though the hours went by fast. 
Sweaty and exhausted I now stand in the shower 
trying to replay the night's events in my mind. 
Left alone to think of the passion and power 
that I didn't know was even in me to find. 
I'm left with a memory of you 
that I know I'll never be able to forget. 
A wave of emotions anew 
but among them will there never be regret. 
I wanted to know you from the inside 
so I took you apart. 
I found the "you" you try to hide
and as a trophy I stole your heart. 

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