Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Going Fool Hogg

David Hogg, I just keep hearing about him. This kid is all over the place these days. Politically, in the news and mentally. Gotta admit, I like that he’s standing up for what he believes. 

However.... kid, make up your mind. Really. He states he wants schools to be safer. So changes are implemented to improve safety and security. Looky there, a difference has been made. 
Wait. He’s unhappy about these changes; this added security? Well that’s weird. I thought that’s what he wanted? No? But...but... why not? Let’s take a look, maybe they are bad changes. 

First up, more Resource Officers. Can this be bad? I mean, if they are the kind that are going to take shelter and cover their own ass instead of protect the kids then, yes, that would be bad. But the Resource Officer in Maryland taught us that armed resource officers can and will stop a threat post haste. 

Now, the next issue he’s unhappy about, the biggest one, is clear backpacks. He feels it infringes on their First Amendment rights. I’m not sure if he’s read that Amendment. For those who haven’t, it states that “Congress shall pass no laws... prohibiting freedom of religion... freedom of speech... or freedom to peaceably assemble”
Which of these freedoms does a clear backpack “infringe upon”? Is there a religion dictating “opaque backpacks”? Maybe he’s planning on having people peaceably assemble inside a backpack...? It’s ok, you cartoon-headed looking boy, the transparency of your backpack won’t affect your protests. Unless you’re planning on putting weapons in there. The whole point is so we can see people trying to sneak in weapons. 

First off, this little “Mr Garrison” look alike has his amendments all confused. He’s trying to imply that a clear backpack being part of the new school policy is an invasion of privacy. Guess what, that’s the Fourth Amendment. I thought for sure they’d go over the Constitution in school by now. Or at the California School he’s purported to have graduated from in 2015. 
Or maybe numbers just isn’t his thing. This kid doesn’t know which Amendments are which and HE’S the media appointed spokesman who’s an expert on government?! For the sake of helping this bobbleheaded fool argue his point, let’s look what the rule is about the Fourth Amendment at schools...

At school campuses around the country you are subject to search while on campus. Lockers, backpacks and vehicles on high school and college campuses. It’s an issue that’s been argued back and forth for decades. In Massachusetts it even went to court after a dorm room search discovered drugs: 

‘The Supreme Judicial Court concluded that college officials did not violate the Fourth Amendment when they initially entered the room without a warrant, because that entry "was intended to enforce a legitimate health and safety rule that related to the college's function as an educational institution." ‘

A clear backpack? Pfft. After all the arguments over which flags people are allowed to fly, this muppet wants to get upset over transparency? Where was his outrage over kids wearing uniforms to school since before he was a glimmer in his daddy’s eye? A clear backpack? For years kids have been sent home to change for wearing shirts the School didn’t agree with. 

My son will be attending a charter school next year. They have dress code requirements that includes a uniform. This school has had this requirement for decades. Does a dress code or uniform infringe on the First Amendment? No. Does a clear backpack? No. 
This kid is worried that it’s going to make tampons too obvious. Really?! THAT’S the big problem?! Here he and his friends make a big movement about “safety in schools” but doesn’t want any actual safety measurements implemented because of TAMPONS?! 

“No guns or weapons allowed in school but don’t worry, we won’t look in your backpack, it’s an honor system”. 
Look, I’m all for safety in the schools. I’ve got kids, I want them safe. If my boys have to have clear backpacks so that no other kid can carry a 9 millimeter to school, I’ll take that trade everydamnday. 

It makes you wonder... is this helium headed kid actually worried about safety in schools  or is this just some personal vendetta because his grandpa and Roscoe were never able to lock up them Duke Boys? I always thought Boss Hogg was a fool, this kid is living up to it.