Thursday, February 2, 2017

"The American Nightmare"

Ya know, I've heard a lot of talk lately about an immigration ban. My feed is inundated with people arguing both sides. Seems the biggest argument for it is fear of terrorism and the potential for a Trojan Horse style slaughter.
Interesting theory but I don't think that should be a great concern, honestly. Yes, I'm for a temporary ban on immigration but for a different reason entirely. We'll get into that later. First, let's put some minds to rest about something.

The greatest threat to American lives is not terrorism. It's Americans. No no, really. More Americans are killed by Americans every year than by anyone else.
We have shootings in major cities every day. Oddly, most of those cities are "gun free zones" like Chicago, Los Angeles and New York.

Stricter gun laws won't change anything because the people with guns in "gun free zones" don't care about the laws. If they did then they wouldn't be killing people. I hear about "common sense gun laws" but that won't change anything. First off, common sense is near extinction. Second, people who are driven to kill each other are going to do so regardless of how strictly you regulate anything. Humans are the most violent creatures on the planet and that will never change.

There are other factors too. Like sheer carelessness and selfishness. Every day I see it out on the road. People cutting across several lanes of traffic to catch an exit without regard to who may get injured, including themselves. People on their phones oblivious to the world around them. People busy eating soup (yes, I've seen that) while driving with nothing more than a knee and a prayer. The more densely populated an area is the more self-centered and careless drivers are, it seems.

Just the other day I was making a delivery in Miami. I saw so much horrendous driving that I'm convinced the people of Miami should not be allowed to drive anything larger than a Big Wheel. And it's feast or famine with those folks. Either they're trying to set land speed records while weaving through traffic like countless shuttles on a gigantic loom. Or they're doing 35 in a 65 causing other cars to pitch and dive into other lanes to avoid them. It's nutso, I tell ya.

Oh, and I can certainly see how this leads to all kinds of murders. In fact, I'm sometimes surprised the murder rate isn't a lot higher in these places. Even I was losing my shit with a lot of these people. I was hurling so many obscenities that I wouldn't have been shocked if they'd taken on physical forms and my words started slapping the hell out of people. I'm not kidding, some of these non-driving retards had me so irritated that at one point I thought I'd cussed a new language into existence.

I'm willing to bet that if everyone had to take a driving test and a test of driving laws, 90% of Americans would be on bicycles by the end of the week. That's one of the few reasons I like back roads in places like Pennsylvania; Amish cars obey highway laws better. They have this thing called courtesy. Most Americans don't know what that is anymore.
Who kills the most Americans? Selfish, self-centered, self-absorbed people who are given to stupidity. Thugs and criminals with guns who should've been beat as kids. Americans are our biggest problem. In every country their biggest problem is the people of that country. See a theme here? The more densely you populate a location, the higher the death rate.

To say we are worried about terrorism is too short sighted. Terrorism isn't nearly the threat to American lives as Americans are. Now, again, I'm for temporarily putting a "hold on a sec, we'll be right back" sign on immigration. Sure. Just not for the same reasons.
See, the way I see it is this: we have way too many starving, homeless, unemployed and impoverished people here already. I think we should focus on fixing what is a broken system before we bring more people in. We already can't take care of the ones we've got, why bring in more people we can't take care of? Honestly, humanity has gotten to the point where fleeing a country isn't the answer. The problem is everywhere.