Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I've seen the stars that light your eyes
I've shared your laughter and calmed your cries
Of pain of sorrow and the dreams you've had
It was I who brought back your smile when you were sad
And when you were weak I made you stronger
Tried to make your happiness last a little longer
When you felt that darkness overwhelming you
I was always there to help steer you through
When tears blurred your vision and life was rough
It was I who kept you going and made you tough
You never saw me; you never knew how you made it
Through the shadows, through the fog, until the darkness faded
When you need me I'll always be right here
Keeping you strong and vanquishing your fear
You wear my presence like a lucky charm
I'll always try to keep you safe from harm
I'll always be here and promise to never leave
I'll be your strength if only you dare to believe
I'm in everyone, behind every face
I am every person's saving grace
In case it wasn't clear from the lines above
I'm no person; I'm Faith I'm Hope I'm Love

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