Sunday, May 3, 2015


I try to sleep but they just won't let me 
I close my eyes tight and beg them not to start
They whisper things and make me see
Like memories I've never had they pull at my heart
It starts slowly but builds to a roar
As they twist my mind and bring me despair
Somewhere deep inside me they've opened the door
Beckoning me follow down that demented stair
The things they show me scare me at first
Images and thoughts unbidden and dark
I shout "go away! You'll make my heart burst!"
As I sit up in bed and my dog wakes with a bark
She's looking for an intruder but we are alone
Looks at me quizzically and settles back to sleep
I finally give up and I decide to grab my phone
I type out the words they've driven so deep
Sometimes even that doesn't satisfy them
And they plague me throughout the night
With dreams and images of carnage and mayhem
They rape my mind and I sleep with my fright
These inner demons think they own my mind
But sometimes I win the battle if I just write 
Yet sometimes the only solace I find 
Is when I'm sleeping later that night
I sometimes name my nightmares before I ride them
Through the hills and valleys of my own sorrow
Ravaging my own thoughts and creating bedlam
While somehow just praying that I'll wake tomorrow. 

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