Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Weight of the World

The weight of the world

   When will man ever be satisfied with his own existence?

   This is the question that Harry asks to himself out loud every morning. Harry gets up at precisely 6 am. each day and prepares his morning nourishments. Then he walks out onto his teak deck over-looking the forest. 
   Harry is a genius. 
   Ever since man has had a whim of his power and prowess of the land, he has sought conquest: conquest of other men, other living creatures, and himself.  Modern man fights disease, enforces the rule of law, builds technologically complex structures and because of all this, man seeks to re-create himself as an automated machine in the form of A.I robotics.
   Harry lives in this modern world. He is a large integral part of it: the constant development of mans knowledge to further enhance the reach of the human race. Yet Harry gets up every day and asks himself a troubling question. He is concerned that man is going to far, that mankind should stop the march of progress and just be happy with what we’ve got.
   Harry is a savant, young, brash when required, and gentleman when not. He easily moves from the laboratory to the boardroom with the comfort only afforded to a modern guru. Harry knows that he can control man and change his behaviors, thereby affecting the future actions of all mankind. He also knows that the wars, greed, sexual over gratification, and hypocrisy will continue no matter what he does. The playing field will alter a little, robots will fight other robots, but in the end it will only have value if other humans die. Humans seem to cherish life precisely because they know that they can destroy it. Humans feel powerful knowing they can remove the ultimate reward, life, and in doing so constantly test their will to cherish life.
   The essential battle that takes place in the minds of humans each and every day, of each and every human being, is this: Who must I conquer today in order to survive tomorrow?  The survival is not just the physical form but the idealism inside of each and every human being. Humans do find others who agree, and they live together because they all support a designed survival plan. Sometimes these groups are large and well organized. The power of these human organized groups is impressive—albeit to the members of that group—but there is always a need to increase membership for the survival of the group, and that is where conflict among humans always finds a spark.

   Tomorrow Harry will get up at 6am, make his morning nourishments, walk out onto his teak deck, and ask himself the same question. Then he will go downstairs get in his Tesla and leave for the office.  Harry is many things, but he will never be able to answer the question that he poses to his great mind each and every day.
© copyright Artemis J Jones

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