Monday, August 21, 2017

"Hate To Tell You..."

Let me be clear: I don't care if you lean left, right, middle or fall over on your back, acts of violence and terrorism are wrong. Your political affiliation doesn't give you a moral high ground. That being said: 

For the past several years there's been a growth in two major violent hate groups in America, BLM and Antifa. Both have crossed the line from "hate group" to "terrorist organization" and get increasing media coverage. Both also seem to clash with both police and regular citizens as well as other hate groups. 

Take, for example, the unfortunate business in Charlottesville a short bit ago. Looked like 2 hate groups being forced to meet head-on. I'm actually surprised there wasn't more carnage considering both groups are so vehemently opposed. Which is when something struck me as odd. 

Maybe I'm the only one who's ever thought about this, maybe it's just because I look at things from multiple perspectives. Either way, hopefully you'll hear me out (or read this all the way through, whatever) and it'll make you go "hmmm". 

See, here's what doesn't make sense.... in nearly every major event by BLM and Antifa, the terrorists aren't local for the most part. They come in busses. Seems fair enough; most people don't want to stir up that kind of hatred, vandalism and destruction near home. I get that. 
Those people have to be staying at hotels then, right? So in places like Charlottesville you had two opposing hategroups (white Supremacists and BLM/Antifa) come in from out of town, get in a fight in a park then disperse and go back to their hotels? And during their stay, prior to the park incident they all just got along? After the fight they all just went back to the hotels and never argued again? Does that seem odd to you?

I mean, if actual Neonazis and KKK were staying at hotels in the same town as the BLM folks I'd expect there'd be a few fights before and after, not just during. I'm glad there isn't and I don't condone ANY terroristic hate group but I don't buy what tv is selling here. 

Do I believe it's possible that there's a larger purpose like just keeping us divided? Yes. It would make sense. As long as we are fighting amongst ourselves over asinine reasons then we can't unite against a tyrannical system. You know, the same system all of these hate groups seem to be opposed to. 

So, instead of coming together to make the system better what do we do? We fight over 100 year old statues. Statues that've stood for a century without people being butthurt. Now they matter? Seriously? Or are we just being made to be the assistant while the illusionists perform their trick? 

I travel the country. I talk to people from every state, ethnicity, nationality and religion. What I've seen is that the "racism" that these groups says is so rampant doesn't really exist. 
I've had political, philosophical and religious debates with people. None of them have led to fights. Or looting. Or rioting. Rarely do they even lead to elevated voices. 
Do we always see eye to eye? Of course not. But once we get to the point emotion is removed from the discussion and we are just speaking fact and reason it's just two people talking. Quite often several people talking. Not arguing, talking.