Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Life is no Disney movie, it's no country song
It's more a comedy of errors shaped by your choices
Your "happily ever after" always goes wrong
Turned sideways by your thoughts, those inner voices
Everything's perfect then destroyed in a flash
You never see the end coming, you're too preoccupied
Look down at the radio, look up in time to crash
In an instant someone's hopes and dreams just died
Think you're wide awake while you're asleep at the wheel
Hypnotized by the night and you just blinked ten minutes
You wake to the sound of a horn and crumpling steel
Head on into a car with a family of four in it
Their lives are over and yours is changed forever
Somewhere in the distance a train runs off track
No matter your carefully laid plans, fate is more clever
You think you're in control until everything goes black
You're waiting til tomorrow to tell someone how much you care
Because you think your life will give you at least that long
You wake in the morning and the person you love isn't there
You waited a day but now they're dead and gone
See, we take each day for granted but all you're promised is yesterdays
We put off until tomorrow some things we probably shouldn't
Things like loving, caring and giving, these can be done so many ways
Take the time today to say what you feel, what if tomorrow you couldn't?

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