Sunday, May 10, 2015

"Mother's Day"

Swaddled in soft blankets of yellow, pink or blue
Newborn babies are laid upon their mother's chest
They've waited months til the day was due
Excited since the day they took that pregnancy test
Anxiously awaiting the arrival of that dear little one
Painting nurseries and picking out tiny clothes
Picturing in her mind her daughter or son
Picking out names for "little Billy" or "sweet baby Rose"
When the day finally came for their tiny arrival 
There was joy for she would finally be a mother 
A little bundle of love now depends on her for survival
She will guard you, protect you and love you like no other
She knows there will be stress and many a sleepless night
All worth it in the end as she watches the love of her life continue to grow
Dad will be lucky if she even lets the baby out of her sight
She heals scrapes and scratches with a band aid and kiss
Cry over our hurts right along with us 
Hold us tight on emotionally charged days like this
Proms, dances and weddings they raise such a loving fuss
Because when she was pregnant you were the reason for her glow
Moms loved their babies since before they were born
Today we celebrate the thing we should always say
It's a cloak of love and care we've all always worn
So not just on this occasion, every day is Happy Mother's Day

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