Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"I'm Not Depressed: So Sue Me"

Due to a small mechanical disagreement between  my truck and I, I was recently laid up in a hotel for a few days. For the record, my truck won the disagreement which is why it was in the shop. New parts equals attitude adjustment. 
Do you know what you do when you're trapped in a hotel for 2 days 1,600 miles from home and without transportation? You order in and watch a lot of television. Boredom sets in and you get hungry. I was ordering Chinese and pizza like I'd just escaped from a POW camp. It wasn't sexy. I looked like Peter Griffin with food stains. 
Watching this much television I started paying attention to the commercials. Among them was one about Mesothelioma. They said it's a very rare form of cancer from asbestos. That made me think. If this is so rare how come it seems this commercial plays every 45 minutes for the past 10 years? Shouldn't there be extremely rare cases for them to pursue? Yet it seems quite prevalent if you go by commercial frequency. 
And these other commercials. They scare me. A drug that treats depression..among the side affects is "insomnia, suicidal thoughts.."  Wait! Suicidal thoughts?! For a drug that treats depression? Seems counterproductive to me. There was a drug that treats high blood pressure. Seemed like a good deal. Except for the side affects of "possible death". I guess that would suck. 
Got high blood sugar? There's a drug for that. Possible side affect? Kidney failure. Good, I can treat my blood sugar while I'm on the list for a kidney transplant. Heart problems? We've a drug for that. Of course, you could get "arrhythmia" and "possible death" but hey, what's new? 

Are we going to extend life or just "side affect" ourselves into extinction? Thinking about this made me drink lots of coffee. Then I took something to lower my blood sugar and passed out. The coffee maker shorted and caught the curtains on fire. Apparently hotel room curtains have asbestos so I'm concerned about mesothelioma. Which caused a spike in my blood pressure so I took meds for that. My kidneys failed that same day which depressed me. So I took meds for depression. I fought suicidal thoughts but ended up with a heart condition. Those meds may kill me. 
In short, I'm now taking 45 pills a day. Only one of them is necessary for treatment. The rest are for treating different side affects from the previous pills. It's a vicious cycle. 

Then, if you happen to take any medicines that are designed to treat a problem and suffer side affects, you can SUE! For what? Well, anything it seems. Here in America we LOOOVE to sue! 

In America we have a great legal system. The main problem with it though is we are greedy people. If we can twist it to find a way to blame someone else for our own stupidity we will. I can be creative but I'm not greedy. Trust me, I've done some pretty stupid stuff. I'm surprised I lived past my twenties. Problem is, I'm kinda "anti litigious" so I can't get rich off my own stupidity. Otherwise I'm sure I could've been rich by now. 

So you bought a cup of coffee. It wasn't iced coffee, which was an option, but piping hot and fresh from the pot. And when they handed to you at the pick up window you put it between your legs. Then you hit a bump and it burns you. What do you do? Get an attorney and sue McDonald's for burning yourself with hot coffee. It's coffee. It's hot. You put it between your legs instead of in a cup holder. You're an idiot and got rich for it. First off, I don't put anything that can potentially burn me between my legs. I generally try to protect that region. But then, I'm smarter than a cup of coffee. The real culprit here? Our litigious society. It wasn't her fault. They didn't tell her it was hot. 

In Florida a minister and his wife sued for a combined total of $160,000 after a blind man, learning to use a service dog, stepped on the wife's already broken toe. Granted, because of an outpouring of disdain over the minister's lawsuit by the community, they later dropped the lawsuit. Even though their attorney felt they had a valid claim. A minister folks! Wrap your head around that one. So much for "turn the other cheek" I suppose. This attorney saw a quick buck. Just like they did. That's just downright shameful. 

How about this one? A lady is suing Home Depot because her family was killed. Tragic, I agree. How was Home Depot at fault, you ask? Did a refrigerator fall over on them? No. Anything the store had control over? No. She and her family sought shelter inside a Home Depot during a tornado and cement walls came down. She blames "faulty construction". I like to say, it was an effing TORNADO. Tornados have a tendency to rip buildings apart. It's kinda in their job description. "Be unpredictable and rip shit apart". Personally, I don't know that I would've taken shelter in a place with loose shovels and saw blades and stuff myself. That seems like a bad place to hide during a tornado. Maybe she hadn't seen "Twister". Yet here's a lawsuit. 

It's anything to try to make money these days. Many lawsuits are a "get rich quick" scam. Some are instruments of change. Some. Many are just people looking to get rich while dodging blame. It's ridiculous people. Take responsibility for your own stupidity. No, I'm not calling everyone stupid. I'm just saying we've all had facepalm moments. 

Speaking of stupidity, a guy in Florida gets kicked out of law school for poor grades. What's he do? Sues the school for admitting him because they shouldn't admit anyone that doesn't stand a good chance at graduating. Seriously?! 

When is enough enough? 

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