Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Ok. I generally don't just start off all serious but this does seem to be a serious matter. 
As it turns out a criminal died in police custody and there are a few people in Baltimore who are outraged. Looking at this guy's criminal history I imagine many of the outraged people are the ones he was clearly selling drugs to. 

Is it sad that someone died in police custody? Yes. Was he going to eventually die if he weren't in police custody? Sure. People die. We call that "mortality". Again, looking at his arrest record, he was probably already on borrowed time. Who gets caught THAT many times selling drugs?! Was this guy related to Marion Barry?! Good grief, only Keith Richards could "outdrug" this dude. And, as much as he seemed to get caught with the stuff, he must've owed some cartel a BUNCH of money for seized drugs. 

So he dies. Tragic, I get that. A drug selling criminal died. We should put up a memorial. Instead, local gangs call a truce just to group together and loot and riot. Hhmm. Stellar plan. That worked so incredibly well in L.A. after Rodney King. And in Ferguson after Michael Brown. Destroy your local city and break as many laws as you can. That'll teach them.
Teach us what? That you're a bunch of idiots who don't understand economics? Congratulations, you destroyed a senior center being built for the black community. Oh no, I've certainly learned a lesson! I've learned that that grandpa whose diapers you hate changing is gonna be living with you even longer now. Moron. 

White people die in police custody. So do people of other ethnic backgrounds. It happens. I don't want to die in police custody. Guess what I'm doing to avoid that...I'm NOT BREAKING THE LAW! Oh, now there's a concept! Again...idiots.

I think it's great that the local gangs got together in a truce. Now, instead of showing us how stupid you are, why don't you just round up all the criminals for us and help clean up your community? Try being part of the solution instead of part of the problem. 

And did you ever notice that in the southern states where we have the right to defend ourselves with guns people don't loot and riot? Coincidence? Hmm, maybe those guns we are allowed to carry serve as a deterrent to crime after all. 

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