Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Right To Inequality

So there was a big protest this weekend over women's rights. Did they lose any rights? Nah. They just have this preconceived notion they will. I call that "mass paranoia". It was all about "equality" and their right to have abortions. Well wait a minute. These two things are at odds with one another. How, you ask? Excellent question. Don't worry, I'm gonna answer that. Then you folks can lay into me about it. First I want you to think long and hard about shoes and which foot they're on.

So here's the thing about abortion versus equality. You don't want actual equality. What you want is superiority. And you already have it. Problem is, that's not good enough. Enough is never enough though. That's part of the human condition.

First off, do I agree with abortion? Yes and no. Yes, abortion should be an option in the case of quality of life. In the case of rape, incest and severe birth defects. Of course.
However, should it be used as just another form of birth control because you had unprotected sex and didn't think of the consequences of it? No. Should it be a single individual's decision the majority of the time? No.

It took two people to create that child. If the father of that child would be responsible for child support then he should also be allowed to be part of the decision making process. She doesn't want a kid but he does? Then he should be allowed custody at birth. Waive child support along with her rights. Just like they do men. That's equal rights.

This malarkey where women say "well it's MY body..." Yeah yeah. But if you made a conscious decision to have unprotected sex and got pregnant then you've got a bit of him growing in there too. It's not just YOUR body anymore; you're sharing it with that baby.

But, really, it's weird how we humans just take shit for granted. We have sex for recreation rather than procreation. And we do it without caring about the results because we can just scrape out what we consider a mistake. Such selfish thinking.

Look, I saw videos of that protest. Some of those chicks? Seriously, you're safe. Trust me. There isn't enough alcohol. It's like they saw a cause and latched onto it because they knew they'd be free that weekend.

I'm all about people being treated fairly and equally. So long as the hypocrisy is kept in check. "We want equal pay for equal work". Fair enough. However, make sure you're in a field where you are doing the same amount of labor. None of this "well they've gotta make allowances. I can't lift as much" or whatever. I think people should get paid based on the QUALITY and QUANTITY of their work. Occasionally that would mean some women getting paid more than other men or women where they work. Fair wages to match your abilities. Not just because of who you are.

People are quick to defend a woman if she gets hit by a man. But I thought you were equals? NOW your gender counts? Funny how we all get to pick and choose when and how we want to be treated as equals.
Am I for hitting women? Of course not. But I also don't see the fairness in a woman beating the shit out of a guy without him being able to defend himself.

Look, you want to protest shit? Protest away. Seems that in America all we need is a chance and we'll find something to protest. But I'm OK with that. Right up until your "protest" leads to criminal acts like vandalism, blocking public roads and violent behavior.
I assure you that I'm all for running people over regardless of gender or color if they block motorways. I assure you I'm all for widespread arrests of looters, vandals and those who incite or participate in violence.

Namaste and shit.