Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Warning: Controversial Content

We are destroying our own society willingly. We've removed accountability and responsibility. 
 The example I generally use here (to try to be more.."socially acceptable") is they took dodgeball out of school because it made slow fat kids feel slow and fat. Well we can't have that self realization, now can we?

Also..there are signs up now (billboards mind you) that say "obesity is a disease not a choice". So now we aren't accountable for ourselves. Have you EVER read headlines like "track star stricken down in his prime by obesity"? No. Diseases don't discriminate where it seems obesity discriminates against fat people. Hhmm. Maybe it's not an actual "disease".

We have a "syndrome" or "disease" for just about everything. Why can't we just say "I like to eat and I'm not big on exercise"? Accountability. The only people we hold accountable are the ones that tell us what we don't want to hear.

Then we call that "bullying" and want it eradicated. Is it honesty we can't handle? Well then I'm probably not going to be popular here but I'm going to be honest.

Portion control is out of control. Accountability? Look in the mirror. Now...hold that person to a higher standard. If every single person did this then we wouldn't need to worry about holding everyone else accountable.

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