Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I'm Sorry, You're WHAT?!

Yet again I found myself immersed in conversation wherein logic and reason were viewed as "close minded radical thinking". So it's both close minded and radical? I don't know which disturbed me more, the fact logic is considered "radical" or that "close minded" and "radical" were used together like that. Maybe I'm due for one of those new "socially correct" dictionaries. 
The topic in question, you ask? Oh. Cross dressers and the like. I know what you're thinking..."no, he's not going to say something about those poor souls who don't know what gender they are!" Well I kinda am. Or I'm hoping to use logic to make it easier for them. I'm helpful like that. 
See, it should be pretty simple. Really. I'm going to use the amazing power of science. That's like "magic" for non logical thinkers. Apparently it's also a dying concept these days. First, let's try a little experiment. I want you to picture a lion. Majestic symbol of strength and courage. King of the jungle. Can you see it there? Are you singing "In the Jungle"? Maybe seeing clips from "Lion King"? Excellent. Now imagine that that lion can talk. Some of you are still seeing "Lion King" others are envisioning a Cowardly Lion on his way to see the Wizard. That's ok too, you can be Dorothy for a second. Here's the kicker...your talking lion just told you he thinks he's a turtle. 
Wait...what?! Dude, you're a lion. I don't care if you think you're a jellyfish, you're still a lion. You're the king of the beasts. Sorry about you're identity crisis but those teeth and claws still exist. It's pretty unmistakable that a lion is a lion no matter what it wants to be. We've seen "Madagascar", right? 

That scenario didn't work for you? Ok. Next time you want a slice of cake can you eat asparagus and just tell yourself the asparagus thinks it's a cake? No? But but...isn't that discriminatory? Same concept we've been facing.

 In Michigan a transgender person used the women's locker room. A female gym member got upset and complained repeatedly. Planet Fitness says the person identified themselves as a female. That was good enough for them. That's their policy. If a gym member feels unsafe having a male in the locker room and complains, they revoke her membership. Yes, that's right. A woman whose gender fought for their rights isn't allowed to complain if she feels unsafe at Planet Fitness. I'm not female but even I think that violates her rights. 

Am I missing something here? Look down, what parts do you have? Girl parts? You're a girl. Boy parts? You're a boy. How is this confusing?! For those unaware, "transgender" is someone of one sex feeling they more closely identify with the opposite sex. Anatomically they're still the gender they were born as. So, in this situation, it was a fully anatomically correct male who feels he's a female inside. Calls himself female. Wants to shower with the women even though he has dangly bits. 

There's even a few associations to protect "transgender rights". So this guy has a right to use any restroom or shower he wants because he has a "gender identity" crisis?

 In Colorado a family filed a discrimination case against the school for not letting their first grader use a girl's restroom. Here's a first grader boy who identifies himself as a girl. First grade. They say this child has "identified as a girl since she could express herself". 

I'm a father with custody of my two young sons. A kindergartener and a second grader. In first grade my son was just learning to "identify" a plus sign from a minus sign. Yet this kid in Colorado can identify that's it's a girl despite having male anatomy?! This kid isn't old enough to really understand the difference between male and female. 
When my 8 year old was about 2 he would try to eat out of the dog's dish and pretend he was a dog. I didn't kennel him because he "identified" as a dog. I understood that he was just a kid. 

Let's say, for the sake of argument, that the school allowed this kid to use the girls' facilities from here on out. What happens when puberty sets in and testosterone starts getting manufactured on a large scale and this "boy turned girl" starts showing an interest in girls? What then? Remember, the parts are still there and in perfect working order. 

Males have different musculature than females. It's just a naturally occurring thing. This now teenage boy gets picked on by teenage girls, it's gonna happen. That's a male with male strength. The same with the one in Michigan. That's at a gym even. A place to go and build muscles. Male muscles enhanced by testosterone because regardless of how they "identify" the body is still manufacturing this muscle building hormone. In the women's locker room. Is this really a recipe for "safe"? Aren't we infringing on women's rights by forcing them to allow a man in their shower? 
Let's take the Planet Fitness situation a step farther. A male only has to say that he "identifies" as a female, but doesn't have to BE female to be in the women's locker room and showers. Any male can do this. I stress ANY. This includes rapists, men with violent tendencies, sexual predators of any sort. Because they say they "identify" with being female they are allowed in your locker room and shower. 
Now, I'm not saying that's what this individual was or the little boy will grow up to be. I'm simply pointing out that, because of "transgender rights", this loophole is there. I'm not talking about those who have had "gender reassignment surgery". Those individuals truly are a different gender and lack the anatomy to violate one's person. That's a different story.
I'm not arguing against sexual preferences. What you do in your bedroom is your own business and not mine. I have enough trouble just trying to have a sex life so I'm not out to judge anyone else's. I'm only talking about transgender. If they've chosen to actually change genders, that was their choice and we should respect that. 

However, this transgender business has me thinking. Maybe I could apply for a job as an airline pilot. A black one, why not, it's my identity and they have to recognize that. Even though I'm so pasty white I could catch a tan at a candlelight dinner. And, granted, I've never had a flying lesson or even played any flight simulator games, but I could tell them I'm "transprofessional, transcolor" and I identify more closely with black pilots than I do with being a white truck driver. If they don't give me the job it's discrimination because it's not about what I actually AM or am qualified to do but about what I THINK I am inside that counts these days. You guys would feel comfortable with some guy that's never flown a plane taking the wheel, right? If you don't suffer PTSD now, you surely would after that flight I assure you. Yes, it's a ludicrous thought and analogy. But where do we draw the line? 

I've heard one argument that says "why are we so concerned about gender separation? Why not just have all locker rooms and showers coed? Other cultures have started embracing this idea of commingling."  Ok. Fair enough question. However, here in America, until everyone becomes androgynous I still don't see why it's ok for anyone to allow one man in the women's showers and not the rest. Don't get me wrong, the idea of watching athletic, fit women shower is appealing. I'm a guy after all. The idea of sharing a toilet area? Not so appealing. Couples sharing bathrooms at home...you know there are times you don't even want to be on that side of the house. Much less actually IN the bathroom. That'd kill your sex life that day. 

Everyone is fighting for "equality" but in some things we just aren't equal. Back to "look down" and you'll see a difference. But if you're going to have a rule in place about gender separation in the locker room and shower, be fair about it. If you say "no men" then it applies to ALL men. Not just the ones you feel are special. 

Kids are wanting to claim now that they identify more closely with the opposite sex. Yay, let's applaud Brad  Pitt and Angelina Jolie for supporting their confused kid. I get that they are "cutting edge" socially and everyone looks up to them. Let's glamorize how progressive they are. Let's overlook the precedent we are setting. Before long pedophiles will say they were just "identifying" with their inner child. Yes, it's a ridiculous defense for a deplorable crime yet we are laying the groundwork without even realizing it. 

If you're a grown ass man and decide you want to be a woman, get surgery. Have your "outie" turned into an "innie" but until you do you're a guy. It's not that complicated Buffalo Bill. Don't make the rest of us put the lotion on our skin just because you have fantasies. 

You know folks, we make life more complicated than it has to be with all of these "rights" associations. If there were a zombie apocalypse it wouldn't be long before someone started advocating "zombie rights" and we couldn't defend ourselves for fear of violating their rights. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar (no matter how tiny your cigar might be.)

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