Monday, March 30, 2015

Oh, You're Offended By My Culture?

So, as I mentioned in a previous post, I lived in Germany with my dad for a while. While living there I learned German so I could communicate effectively and function in their society. Interestingly enough, I didn't expect them to change their culture and language to suit me. I suspect by now you can see where this is going so if you think you're going to be offended you might want to look at something else on this blog so you can enjoy your visit. For everyone else...let my rant begin! 

See, I keep hearing about how people are coming to America and expecting us to change our rules, customs or whatever else so they can feel more comfortable. If you like your country's culture so much, why the hell did you spend the money coming here?! Our religion offends you so we need to make sure we don't say "Merry Christmas"; now it's "Happy Holidays".

When I spent roughly 20 years living in Texas people used to ask "you don't speak Spanish?!" I'd usually reply that I lived in America and spoke the language of the country and I'd invariably get "you need to learn Spanish if you live in Texas". Nope. I can still barely order at Taco Bell. I usually just have to give them money and say "can I have food, please" and wait to see what's in the bag. Usually it's a bunch of tacos. Sometimes I don't know what it is but it's tasty. 
There was a group of asshats (I mean students and professors) in California that snuck in a movement to remove all of the flags at the school, including Old Glory because they didn't want to "trigger" hurt feelings in illegal immigrants. Illegal meaning not here legally. Wait?! How the hell are they going to college here if they aren't here legally?! 
Secondly, the immigrants that are here legally did so because they wanted to be in America not their country of origin. Now I'm no rocket scientist but I'm fairly certain that when naturalizing and such they did realize where they were living now. In America, where we have a national flag, a national anthem and a pledge of allegiance. On that pledge of allegiance there's also mention of God. I'm not religious but that doesn't mean I want God taken out of our pledge of allegiance. It actually doesn't bother me. (Perhaps I'll discuss religion in one of my posts. Why not, I talk about everything else). 

And here we are with a diner being pressured to remove a sign advertising bacon because it's "offensive to Muslims". Seriously? It's bacon, not some "anti Muslim" sign. Don't like bacon? Don't go eat at that diner. 

The point to all this is this..if you want to move to America legally, go for it. It's a great country with a broken political system but it's probably better than where you were so I understand. However, don't just come over here and demand our entire culture to be changed just because you like your old culture. Millions of people from a different culture slowly coming over illegally and changing the entire culture is an invasion. You don't get to invade us, our ancestors already invaded this country and stole it from the people that were already here. Fair and square. We set up a government and it lied to the people and we stole this land. And that same government has been lying to us ever since. Sorry, I'm just throwing that out there because I know some of you really wanted to use that rebuttal. You still can if you want. 

We talk about "cultural diversity" but what about the culture we already had? Why do we have to diversify for everyone that keeps coming here? If you don't like our culture, move. Problem solved. 

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