Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Entitled to Live, Entitled to Work

The other day I was asked why I think there is a "gap" between the middle class and other classes. Really want to know what I think? 

Tax money comes out without my permission or consent. Where I'm from, taking money without asking is called theft. That's problem number one. 
Problem number 2...many, not all but many, people living off welfare are doing so because it's easier than actually working. There have even been interviews of people wherein they're asked why they don't get a job and their response is "I already get a check." 
Meanwhile the working class gets drug and alcohol tested so we can work to provide for not only our own families but theirs as well. 
Why is there a "gap" between the two classes? Because one feels they're "entitled" to handouts stolen from others and the other class is building resentment towards working to provide for everyone else and not being able to actually get ahead.

I understand some people need help. They weren't planning on getting laid off and have a family to support. But there's a difference between those who genuinely just need a little assistance and those who take it for granted. There's also a difference in attitude. The proud don't want to be on welfare; they want to get back to work and earn their own way. Many do just that. The others, they seem to feel welfare is something society just owes them, that they're entitled to just live off everyone else. Well, this article is for you..

I hear this word "entitlement" thrown around. Well I believe they should be "entitled" to work and I should be "entitled" to keep the money I earn. 
Granted, there are people living off welfare because they can't afford to live otherwise. Which is fine. I can understand that people fall on hard times. However, the money they receive should be voluntarily given. Like a donation. The same donations we are asked to give for starving people in other countries. The ones that are tax deductible. 
As for "entitlements".. Soldiers who fought for this country and our freedoms, THEY should be entitled to pay and medical/psychological needs. They earned it. Senior citizens who have worked their whole lives paying into a broken system, THEY should be entitled to money enough to actually live on, not the paltry stipends they've been lucky enough to receive. 

Those on food stamps and welfare...it's a social aid. AID people. It's help, not a career or lifestyle. And, since it's my money feeding them, I should be given a say in how it's spent. I earned that money, not them. No junk food and sodas. Only fresh proteins, fruits and veg. Eat healthy. If you don't like having to eat healthy, get off the system. If you feel it's degrading to be told what you can and can't eat, get off the system. You should be discouraged from using it as a career path. 
When I was growing up I was ashamed of getting food stamps and government food. These days it's a badge of honor. If you're on food stamps but can afford beer, cigarettes and tattoos then you can afford food. There should be community service involved. Hey, you want to live off the community then you can give back to it. There's enough litter to pick up and graffiti to paint over. And, if you can't afford to feed your kids and you're living off welfare, QUIT HAVING KIDS! 

Is everyone abusing the system? Of course not. But is everyone paying into the system? Nope. Only those who earn money pay into the system. Involuntarily. The government steals money from every dollar to use as they see fit. The working class works to pay top dollar to politicians and those who make a career of living off the system. Be productive and you get penalized. Why work and struggle when you're "entitled" to freebies?
Our society is declining right in front of us while we laugh at it over our morning coffee. Or we whisper about it afraid to speak up because to do so isn't "socially acceptable". Guess what, our society isn't acceptable. Speak up people, let our voices be heard. 

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