Saturday, March 14, 2015


You don't know the real me, the one I wear behind this mask
You don't know the pain that shaped me or the pain I've known
No one does. No one cares. No one has ever bothered to ask
So now I'm going to remove the fa├žade and let my true self be shown
The me that is worn and weary from sleepless nights
The one quivering in fear as my mask melts away 
You don't know him, you just enjoy the words he writes
This golem behind the mask hides from your ridicule every day
I've been hurt so many times I think I've lost count 
Broken bones and heartaches have ripped me apart 
I've taken the abuse it's an inhuman amount
I'm not as pristine as I was at the very start
I've cloudy eyes above a bearded muzzle
Scars on my head from too many fights
Bones that look more like a jigsaw puzzle
Bags under my eyes from sleepless nights 
A heart stitched back together with old twine
A soul half used and half tattered and torn
I am becoming my own Frankenstein 
Only through my clever poetry am I reborn

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