Thursday, March 19, 2015

Al Sharpton I Hope You See This

If you still read my posts then either it's because you're like-minded and agree with some of my statements or it's because I've pissed you off and you want to see what other insulting things I say. Either way, hello again and thanks for coming for a visit. 

I'm very excited to announce in this post that just recently I created an American citizen! It was actually pretty easy and painless. Don't go congratulating me yet, it's not what you think. There's no need for champagne and cigars. 

See, it all started with a little conversation and me showing someone how their seemingly innocent pride in their heritage is contributing to racism. Obviously many people are thinking I'm talking about a white guy waving a rebel flag. Of course not, that's not allowed. Southerners can't be proud of their history, that's openly racist. However, segregation and labels are still holding our nation hostage. I'll agree to that. But it's us doing it to ourselves under the tutelage of deceit. Under the guise of "equality". I know it sounds counterintuitive to say we are racist by trying to claim equality but it's true. These people who preach equality want anything but that. Now I know many of you may get upset when you first start reading this but stick around and read through to the end. As always, there's a moral to this story. And, as always, I welcome feedback and discussions. 

Which leads us back to how I created a citizen. Interestingly, he was already a citizen. I was confused about that though because he said he was a Mexican American. So I had to ask "do you have dual citizenship?" He said he was born and raised in North Carolina. Wait?! I don't follow. You realize "Mexican" is a nationality? As is "American". I'm curious..if you went to say, France, would your passport be from Mexico or America? 
So, if I understand this, you want to be acknowledged as American and equal with every other American citizen but the first thing you do is tell people you aren't American? How is that not designed to create problems? You're American. Yes, your family originally hailed from a different country. News flash...that applies to everyone who doesn't come from a group of people that were here before Christopher Columbus brought a bunch of people over on the Santa Maria, starting the flood that followed years later with the Mayflower.  

Italian American, Mexican American, African American, the list goes on. Yes, you're proud of your heritage. I'm proud of mine too. I'm a mutt. But I'm an American. How can you claim that racism is a problem while telling everyone you aren't American? I get it, your ancestors came from Africa, Italy, Scotland, Ireland or anywhere else hundreds of years ago. I'm pretty sure you're integrated by now. When black people from America go to South America do they have to tell customs that they're African American or do they just claim "American"? Is there an "African American" embassy? "Italian American"? No? Hhmm. Maybe you're just an American like me. Only difference is, most people obeyed the law about desegregation. Yet here I am still not allowed to try out for Miss Black America. Isn't that the very thing we tried to prevent? 
Segregation is real. We see it every day without realizing it. 

Like a "Miss Black America" that excludes white people.  Or a college fund for blacks only. Or a blacks only television channel. Or blacks only magazine. Oh wait...uh oh. I thought we did away with segregation back in the 1960's?  That's odd, seems segregation and racism are very much alive and thriving. Only difference is, if white people mention it they're racists. Interesting turn of events. 
So what if we had a White Entertainment Television? Let's face it, WET sounds like a fun name for television. Opens all kinds of fun doors. We could have guest speakers from Black Entertainment Television. Maybe call it "BET on WET". Sounds like a Las Vegas based water park. 
Me, I think we should just have TV. No restrictions based on color. Notice I didn't say "Nationality". Why? Because we are American. That's our nationality regardless of skin pigmentation. That's where the trouble starts these days. 

Al Sharpton calls for a meeting about race because of the Oscars. Let's talk about ole Al, shall we? The "reverend" Al Sharpton. At which church is he a minister? Do they allow white parishioners? I don't hold him in any reverence. He travels the country talking about race. Hey, Al, black and white aren't "races", they're colors.  Human is a race. Is he actually preaching that there are different "races" of humans?! He believes in God and Creationism and says there are different races of humans. And people hang on his every word. 

So it was predominantly white nominees at the oscars this year. Big deal. Maybe there were just more good white actors and actresses this year? 
Tell ya what, just give them all "participation awards" so no one gets their feelings hurt. You know, like they started doing with kids in sports. That way no one feels bad. 
Meanwhile, at the BET film awards, make sure they invite a few "Anglo Saxon Caucasian Americans"

Why, in America, is it necessary to announce what country your ancestors are from? I've never heard of "African Brits" or "Italian Russians".  What the hell is wrong with us here?! Racism is a problem, but is it truly caused by "Anglo Saxon Americans"? Is there a white "reverend" traveling the country pointing out the skin color of everyone involved in any conflict? No. That would be considered racist. People of every skin color and ethnic background get shot, beat up, abused and so forth. The only problem is, not every story makes the news because not every story can be used to fuel the fire. Just like people die every day but those aren't "breaking stories" because they aren't famous. Sensationalizing things sells news. Controversy makes people famous. That's why there are people like Al Sharpton dragging skin color into everything. Unless it doesn't meet his agenda. It's his agenda, not ours. It works in his favor to keep us fighting. We don't need to fight one another. It just fuels his financial purposes. Maybe we should try fighting alongside one another to actually end racism and bring about unity. 

Interestingly enough I've heard people like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson say that all of this stems from slavery and unfair treatment over 100 years ago.  Ok. Let's review that then. 2,000 years ago Jewish people were slaves treated unfairly in Egypt. Egypt is in Africa. Where's their "Jewish only" television, college funds and such? Where does one find the entry forms for "Miss Jewish America" pageant? I've never heard anyone call themselves a Jewish American. Have you? 
What's that, you say? "Well their slavery and suffering was different."  Hhmm. How, exactly? Oh...that was too long ago and there wasn't a war to free them. Excellent point. The Civil War was in the 1860's so you need something more recent to compare it to because times changed? Gotcha. 
That's a stumper alright. If only there was a war to free them from unjust persecution more recently. How's the 1940's sound? Yet, when I lived in Germany, I never heard anyone call themselves a "Jewish German" and demand segregation. Especially not after fighting for equality and desegregation. 
At what point do we quit being racist? At what point does "equal" mean we are free to point out how unequal things are without fear of retribution? 

Every day it's on the news, "racial violence". "Racial tension".  Only in America. Why only in America? Our society is declining right in front of us while we laugh at it over our morning coffee. Or we whisper about it afraid to speak up because to do so isn't "socially acceptable". Guess what, our society isn't acceptable. Speak up people, let our voices be heard. No, the racism that's still holding this country captive isn't necessary, but it makes for good tv. 

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