Saturday, March 28, 2015


She asked me, "why do you write so dark? Why do you write so sad?"
It's not that I'm feeling morose. In fact, I don't even feel bad. 
"Why then, must you write like you're in such pain?"
My dear girl, does the sun not shine after the rain?
They say it's always darkest just before dawn
Does the sun not exist even if we don't see it shine? 
Nor can a line help the way it is drawn 
I may write of darkness but I never said that it was mine
Sometimes you need dark to appreciate light
You couldn't see the stars if not for the night
I write not for me but for those who can't speak
Not for the strong, my dear, but for the weak
Those who can't find the words to express their thought
The darkness is theirs and my words are the light they sought. 

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