Saturday, March 7, 2015

My Monster and I

There's a monster inside me, yeah, I know he's there
I feed him my dreams at night and he brings me despair
I should try to stop him but the truth is I think I enjoy the fear
It makes me feel alive to scream myself awake when he's near
I tried once to fight it, this feeling of dread
But then I awoke and was sure I was dead
It kinda scares me when the world is happy and bright
Because I don't know how to live when there is no fright
I was just like you once upon a time
Frail and naive, having done no crime
Then one day I went sinister and dark
I got twisted inside and he made his evil mark
I'm much better now, it feels like I belong
In this world we've made that's full of wrong
The politicians are greedy and lead the pack
The church full of rapists and steal money by the stack
But you want to condemn me for being heartless and mean
When you don't realize you yourself live in the grey in between
You think you're above it all because you go to church on Sunday
But you'll be the first to walk past the homeless on Monday 
At least we can admit to our sins, my monster and me
But you do evil so blatant even a blind man could see
You'll spend millions to raise half that to feed some cause
But if the starving are on your corner out come your claws
You'll support some couple that made the news half a world away
But you want your neighbor to be kicked out and sent packing because he's gay
See, my monster is inside me and I can admit it
You hide your monster because you're a hypocrite
You cry for the starving children forced to work dirt cheap
But you'll buy the clothes they make to save a buck, you spineless sheep
You'll just follow the flock and support anything "politically correct"
Without caring once until it's your own life that's been wrecked
Me and my monster, we will sit back and enjoy this tableau 
While you and your "rightness" stoke the fires below
Oh, We are all going to hell, this much is clear
And when you're burning my monster and I will cheer

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