Monday, April 20, 2015

I Smile

I have no control of the thoughts and images in my mind 
I try to grasp them but agony and madness is all I find
I want to be understood; to be normal like you
Instead I'm trapped in my mind and don't know what to do
The harder I try to free myself the more trapped I become
Like struggling in quicksand I've no escape from
The more I resist the darkness the quicker it draws me in
As I sink below the surface I find the wages of my own sin
It's a labyrinth with stairs to nowhere and doorways to space
But you don't know the misery I hide behind the smile on my face
What you see is a person that's happy and full of cheer
What you can never know is how hard it is to hide my fear
The crippling fear that I'll never fit in even in a world of outcasts
Forever alone with this nightmare in my mind for as long as it lasts
Shrouded in terror and cloaked in madness
A nightmare of epic proportions ridden by a warrior of darkness
My soul getting more twisted as the pain grows
While outwardly smiling so that nobody knows

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