Thursday, April 9, 2015

Home Sweet Home

 Week One
They locked me in here with a mad man
He yells at the walls and pulls his hair
I'm just gonna hide in the corner if I can
And leave him and his lunacy way over there

Week Two
Yep, he's still crazy, stark raving mad
Howling at the moon and eating a spider
When they let me out I'll sure be glad 
I'm kinda afraid this guy may be a biter

Week Three
So this guy is clearly off his rocker
I just watched him try to channel Mickey Mouse
But his failing wasn't really a shocker
Somebody please let me out of this nut house

Week Four
It's probably not a good sign that we talk
Me and this wacko they've paired me to
I'm gonna make a run for it on my next walk
He's actually writing a recipe for bug stew

Week Five
Well, the break for it was a complete bust
They dragged back in here screaming and kicking
And there's my window licker sniffing dust
I'm worried that some of the insanity he hurls is sticking

Week Six
That wonky bastard is at it again
All week he's been climbing the walls
I tell you this guy is crazy as sin
Practicing witchcraft while juggling balls

Week Seven
I've given in and decided to join him
We are going to be crazy together now
It's not as though I'll ever find freedom
Apparently me in public can't be allowed

Week Eight
We got some bad news my cell mate and me
What they said chilled me to the bone
They said that I can never be set free
For this whole time I've been, well, alone. 

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