Saturday, April 25, 2015

Devil's Laughter

        Devils Laughter

I spoke with an angel today 
'Twas the most beautiful voice I've ever heard
I felt like I could float away 
I happily hung on her every word
I unraveled my soul and felt at ease
She smiled at me and showed compassion
Not once did she judge, mock or tease
We carried on for hours in this fashion
And I knew things were going to work out fine
It seems there's an angel for us all
Each day I look forward to speaking with mine
Ever closer to watching her fall
She's so sweet pure and innocent
She doesn't even see that I'm planning her demise
The poor thing won't understand my intent
At first I'll see the shock and betrayal in her eyes
As my words slowly strip her of her gossamer wings
Never understanding as she falls from grace
Our world isn't meant for such gentle things 
I'm saving her now from this cruel and evil place
I'll create for her a prison full of tormented souls
Where she will see there's no beauty in being above me
She can have my spot in hell when we switch roles
Then I'll take flight and it'll be heaven I see
But what is that, someone crying out in pain 
I'll just swing by and see what torments them so
As days pass my desire for heaven begins to wain
My joy at listening to their soul makes me forget to go
Too late to stop it my wings fade and I plummet
The circle is closing as I drop back to my personal hell
I listened to their sins and took their evil from it
Humanity is a lesson I've just learned well
We all strive to be Angels and ascend from this mortal plane
But the evils we commit in this life will follow us ever after
Twas my own sins sung in my angel's sweet refrain
And I can't earn wings with my own Devils laughter

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