Saturday, April 4, 2015

Innocence Lost

Every day innocent kids are exploited and abused. They have their innocence ripped from them by strangers or family members. Children who look to us for guidance and protection. Yet they're killed through the negligence of their caregivers. Or put through so much trauma that they take their own, fragile lives. 
This is for them...

She sleeps fitfully; always the same dreams
Nightmares unfolding in her mind but she welcomes them
Because they aren't as scary as reality it seems
Nothing in her sleep can scare her as much as him
Two years ago it started and she's been scared since
But there's no escape from his drunkenness and lust
He beat her mom for speaking up on one instance
It's hard to believe this was ever a man they could trust
She's only twelve yet afraid of each coming day
Feeling there's only one way to ever escape
Tomorrow she will take a handful of pills and fade away
Into death's slumber and away from the nightly rape

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