Saturday, April 11, 2015


The cold dark isolation welcomes me. It morphs to accommodate my soul. Emptiness from which I can't break free. Overcoming, overpowering it takes hold. I was told that I'm in a dark place.  It's everywhere go and growing inside. It follows my every thought these days. There's no way to escape and nowhere to hide. Embrace the misery and enter alienation. Run from my prison and crash into my fate. Hollowness of my own creation. I gave my soul and it was returned with hate. 
Tell me that you need me, tell me someone cares. I want to feel the sunlight wash over me again. My demons were quiet; tucked away downstairs. Now they're mad as ever and determined to win. 
I admit I'm not unbreakable; I'm just a man. And if I come under attack again I don't know that I'll survive. I've taken my beatings, taken more than I can stand. The parts that are dead in me outnumber the ones alive. I'm begging for a way out of here, something to hold onto. The darkness keeps beating me down, my sickness taking over. If I spiral downward then know I tried not to. There may be no saving my soul this time, I doubt there's much leftover. I give parts of it away and it gets mistreated. Returned broken battered and beaten to nothing. Each day I feel a little more defeated. As I piece myself back together I find..nothing. 

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