Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"The Kiss"

Once upon a time I was young, naive and  so alive
I was in love with the day and yearned for the night
Then came your kiss
A bitter cold like the air just before the first snows arrive
A sensation too intoxicating for me to fight
There was your kiss
Spoiling my innocence, purity and dreams 
Corrupting my soul and eroding my confidence
With that kiss
Stealing my breath and stifling my screams
Knowing full well that I have no means of defense
Against your kiss
Once was not enough and it draws me back for more
How do I escape this; how can I ever live again
Aching for that kiss
If only I'd known what evils you had in store
Or what hell would befall me for commission of my sin
For tasting Death's arsenic kiss