Tuesday, March 15, 2016

"Demons At Play"

I calmly sit there and nurture and care
Until I finally get to lay my fears to rest
Then I quietly tiptoe up that twisted stair 
From the darkest parts of my mind
Being cautious not to wake them again
Lest they strangle my dreams once more
I tried to silence the madness but then
I heard them clawing and opening the door

They won't leave me be until I'm scared
To sleep at night or fear the dark
It causes my thinking to become impaired
As my fears wake up and leave their mark
For they feed the others and make them strong
The ones who can haunt me during the day
They blur the lines between right and wrong
When my demons awake and come out to play

Those demons don't live in black and white
To them all the rules are simply grey
They torment in the day as much as night 
For they don't fear the light of day
They torture my soul and twist my mind
As I become nothing but a puppet to them
I grow weaker from each horror they find
And my soul becomes their kingdom 

It's just another sleepless night for me
Now that the demons are at play again
For a few brief months I thought I was free
But now I know they'll never let me win
So it seems I have no choice but embrace 
The darkness that consumes each thought 
As my nightmares become my happy place
I give over to the insanity my demons sought. 

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