Sunday, June 7, 2015

"Jenner ation of Confusion"

So I've been hearing and seeing about how "Caitlyn" Jenner is getting the Arthur Ashe Award for courage. Well that's interesting. Let's look at this from a couple of angles, shall we? 
First, they aren't awarding it to Bruce Jenner. Why can't they? Because ole Bruce doesn't want to be Bruce anymore and has taken on a different persona. Now he goes by "Caitlyn". Besides, what did Bruce do that was brave? Erase himself? In that case, people have been dying since the dawn of time. Did he throw himself in front of a bus to save someone? Did he start a campaign to save people or spearhead a research foundation? Nope. He just got tired of being a man. Way to sully an award. Don't get me wrong, I've seen that show about the Kardashians, I can understand how they may have driven him to not want to be a man anymore. Those chicks seem to make a career out of wrecking guys. 

Oh, wait, they're giving it to "Caitlyn" Jenner. For courage. Well how's that work? What did "Caitlyn" do that was courageous? Considering this persona didn't exist even a year ago I certainly haven't heard of any acts of courage, astonishing ones or even little ones, have you? What, posing for a magazine cover? Let's face it, the only thing courageous about that was the level of photoshopping and airbrushing it took to make a 65 year old man look like something resembling a female. Caitlyn Jenner is very much not attractive yet they tried valiantly to make this hybrid look normal. 
For that matter, let's consider that Michael Jackson was on the cover of magazines. Bruce Jenner went from rich white man to rich white crossdresser. Did he have "gender reassignment surgery"? Nah. He just went all "Buffalo Bill". Yay and shit. Didn't impress Joe Dirt and it doesn't impress me. Michael Jackson beat him/her to the punch decades ago. Little Mikey went from poor black boy to rich white woman (c'mon, that nose, hair and skin bleaching?) and he certainly didn't win an Arthur Ashe Award. 

This award is given at the ESPY's. This is typically a sports related award. Bruce Jenner was an athlete. A gold medalist. But Bruce is dead now. "Caitlyn" was never an athlete. She was created at 65 years old and hasn't done an athletic thing yet. So where's the correlation here? Where's the courage? 
Oh, because Caitlyn is a result of some wardrobe change? He had breasts installed and tucked his penis. Eh, big deal. That's not courage. That's cosmetic surgery and a dress. Hats off to everyone who surgically alters themselves. Yay you. I still don't find elective cosmetic surgery to be an act of courage. 
"It's a courageous statement for the gay/lesbian/transgender community". What was the statement? That we as a society have lost sight of true courage and devalued the heart of true heroes. Well done. 

So we've got Lauren Hill who, in her short time, raised over a million dollars for pediatric cancer research. She raised awareness. She was an athlete who went out and played basketball knowing she was dying. That's more courageous than a millionaire with "identity issues" taking pictures. 
If you want to honor athletes for courage, try people like Danny Watkins the Philadelphia Eagles player who quit the NFL to become a firefighter. That seems courageous to me. And noble. 
Or Pat Tillman, a safety for the Arizona Cardinals who left the NFL to become an Army Ranger. He died while serving overseas and received the Purple Heart and Silver Star. THAT is courage. 
What about former Buffalo Bill, Bob Kalsu who left professional football only to die in combat as an Airborne Ranger in Vietnam. The first former football player to die while serving his country after quitting a lucrative career as an athlete. Yet Caitlyn Jenner gets the award for being on a magazine cover. On a magazine cover! Wasn't Charles Manson on the cover of LIFE magazine AND Rolling Stone? 

Where have we failed as a society and as a country when true heroes get overlooked in favor of political correctness and trying to please special interest groups? What's next, "lifetime achievement awards" for eating cereal? It's getting a bit ridiculous. Every day there are soldiers, police officers, firefighters and others who display courage multiple times a day selflessly and without recognition. Why are we honoring someone who's done nothing courageous? We are cheapening what true heroism is. Wounded Warriors are coming home every day and struggling. Instead of honoring THEM they celebrate a freak show in drag.