Thursday, July 27, 2017

Captain Miss America

Any of you watch Captain America? Dude, that guy is awesome. A little upsetting to find out it's not an actual biography though. Here I was cheering for him and stuff. But, sadly, it's not real. Ok, well a couple parts are true.
As it turns out, there really was a World War 2. Trippy, right? I'm sure you guys already knew that though. There was a bad guy doing bad things. When his buddy attacked us we got active. Obviously, our military was heavily involved and folks were lining up to enlist in the military. 

Even though we were at war, a big big war, not everyone was able to grab a gun and go fight. See, this is the other part of the movie that was true. No no, really. They told some people they couldn't get in. It was "hey, thanks for your patriotic offer but it's gonna be a 'no' from us. You've got a medical condition that goes against our hiring policy". Or something like that. 
The list included things like flat feet (I guess the arch in the foot is important), asthma (I guess you've gotta breathe ok when fighting for your life), diabetes (because slipping into a diabetic coma when driving a tank might be bad), facial tattoos (maybe something to do with your decision making skills and how it reflects on your employer), and the list goes on. 

Hell, I'd planned on going in the military when I was a senior in high school. Only missed one question on the ASVAB according to my recruiter. He basically told me "just pick what you wanna do."  I wanted to be a pilot. He was all "well, anything but that. You wear glasses and you can't be a pilot if you need glasses going in. How about linguistics or something?"
Didn't matter because before I could finalize everything I found something that also disqualifies you, a felony. Yep. I screwed up and got arrested for a felony a week before I was to enlist. Crap. In the 60's they'd have given me the option of going to the military instead of jail. In 1990, not so much. 

Now though? Now a BUNCH of people are upset because they reverted to the rule of no "transgender" people in the military. "Progressives" are saying it as "hateful bigotry" to not let these folks in. For 100 years it's been ok to refuse to hire people with medical, legal or psychiatric issues and there's been no outrage. Yet here we are now. 

Now, the President met with military leaders and they all discussed this beforehand. It wasn't some sudden and random thing. Their primary reasoning? It's just not cost effective. Hmm. Let's take a quick looksee. 

The military budget increases by 2.4 million to 8.4 million annually by accommodating "trans" people. So not hiring them saves millions of dollars a year. I'm not sure if this includes the roughly 2 years they can't actually do the work they're getting paid for while they undergo surgeries at taxpayer expense. If not, I wonder what that cost is. 
Then there's the lifetime of maintenance required which, naturally, would also be at the taxpayer's expense. Ongoing hormone treatment and potential surgeries, have we considered that cost? 

Let's go just a tad deeper, shall we? With the WPATH Standards of Care. The most recent version, Version 7 of the Standards of Care, says that is strongly suggested that someone does see a qualified mental health professional if they are going to be starting medical transition. But, it does say it is also ok if the medical professional you are going to is trained in behavioral health and/or they work as part of a multiple disciplinary team, meaning there is probably someone there who would do an evaluation with you. 
Huh, well that's weird. I thought the military didn't hire people with a pre-existing need to see a mental health professional. In fact: 'Section 8 is a category of discharge from the United States military, used for a service member judged mentally unfit for service. It also came to mean any service member given such a discharge or behaving as if deserving such a discharge, as in the expression, "he's a Section 8".'

"But what about the special accommodations and allowances that can and must be made for 'trans' people in the military?" Well that's certainly an additional expense as well. Special "we care" type training that interferes with the job. Were they willing to make these allowances and accommodations for Steve Rogers all the times he got rejected? What about all the asthmatics? I'm hearing crickets.

See, ultimately, the military is a job. The can set guidelines for who they will hire. For financial reasons they chose to not hire 'trans' people. 'Trans' people already didn't meet the hiring criteria and the last manager/owner, Obama, made exceptions. The military is under new management and they decided to enforce the rules and quit making exceptions. Don't like it? Apply elsewhere. I hear Starbucks likes a good "progressive" cause. 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

"Her Rights, My Wrongs"

What's up with all of these ridiculous posts and protests lately? You know the ones. People up in arms over the loss of women's rights. The ones about how millions are going to die once Obamacare is repealed and/or replaced. Interesting points. 

Now, if you've ever read anything I've written you probably know that I'm about to drop some logic on this. Some of you aren't going to like it. Well here's some exciting news about that: I'm probably not gonna care unless you can give a logical and reasonable debate. So far that's where everyone falters or lapses into supposition and assumption. For the record, I only play the "what if" game with my kids. 

So here's the thing. Women's rights. You didn't lose them. They're still sitting right there along with the house you can own with the money you can earn at the job you're allowed to have. Look at you, all "righted" up and shit. Good on ya, ladies. 
What's that? Oh. It's about abortion rights. Gotcha. My bad. So you're upset because of the Planned Parenthood thing. Yeah, bummer about that, I've known a person or two who use abortion as a form of birth control. Poor girls might be stuck dealing with accountability now. Drats. 
Here's a fun fact: two people were required to make that baby. Where are the men's rights when women abort a child he wanted? 

However, women still didn't lose any rights. I've yet to have anyone list any "rights" women have actually lost. For the record here, although abortion has never been listed as a "right", abortion is still available. No one has outlawed it. You know that, right? 

Look, I don't think abortion should be used as a form of birth control. I know, I know. The mantra is that it's not my body. Fair point. Your body, his shared DNA. Guess what, it IS my tax dollars I don't want spent on it. You had sex without a thought to the outcome, you pay for your own abortion. How's that for fair? Oh. You can't afford it? Then you may wanna look into the millions of people looking to adopt. Problem solved and shit. 

The other rights, what? Equality? Hmm. Let's see. You want equal pay. Ok. For equal work though, right? You know. None of this "but I can't lift as much as these guys, you've gotta make allowances for me because I'm a girl." Oh. Well then I guess you can't lift as big a check as those guys then either. No no. I'm not going to make any special allowances. It's not fair to everyone else. Equal work for equal pay. Bottom line. 

Now.... on to this ridiculous nonsense about the "millions that'll die if Obamacare gets repealed." Cough, cough... bullshit. Let's just start there and make you even more upset as we go. 
Obamacare is a nightmare of failure and lies. Did it help millions get affordable healthcare? Sure. The ones who already qualified for Medicaid and Medicare. Those of us who were already paying for health insurance? Millions either got dropped or had our premiums raise to the point we couldn't afford it. Unless, of course, we switched to a plan with ludicrous deductibles and limitations. 
What do I think the government should do about healthcare? So glad you asked. Nothing. That's what they should do. Nothing except get out of the micromanagement business. Our government wasn't put in place to regulate healthcare. Nowhere in the Bill of Rights does it mention the government needs to get involved. It's simply not in their job description. 

Plus, let's face it, what our government excels at is screwing things up. So we want them in the doctor's office with us now? You sure about that? 

Oh. I see. You think health care should just be free. Gotcha. You know "free" isn't really free, right? You do understand the money has to come from somewhere, don't you? The more "free" shit we have, the higher taxes go. If you work, that is. You want to give your money to the government and let them manage your life? Have you seen the way our government manages things? 

Let them repeal it. Don't replace it. Let insurance companies compete for our business. I assure you the law of supply and demand will lower rates. It's just simple economics. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Simply Enough

We the citizens of the United States once were proud to be a part of the greatest nation in the world. Our allies respected us and our enemies feared us. That has all changed when we allowed the liberals to insist that we all need a safe space. We have become a nation of weaklings.
I remember watching President Trump’s inaugural speech. I had tears in my eyes. The tears were not in sadness, but rather tears of relief and hope. After 8 years I finally found pride in our country. I felt that if I was feeling this pride that others would be feeling this pride also. As hard as it was for me to believe I was mistaken.
Many people marched in protest of the winning of the election by Trump. It was like someone took their blankie away and they were merely having a temper tantrum. What seriously appalled me was the women marching for women’s rights wearing vaginas. Seriously? Who would possibly take that seriously? You set our gender back generations.
Americans it is time to grow up and get out of your safe place. This is the reality of our world today: we don’t need a safe space. We need people to regain their backbone, and be what we were before. We need to become a nation we once were: strong and respectable. If you don’t like who your president is you have two options.  1. Put your adult panties back on or 2. Find another country and move there. Crying still about the results of the election is pointless and makes you look pathetic. Together we can make America great again.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

"The American Nightmare"

Ya know, I've heard a lot of talk lately about an immigration ban. My feed is inundated with people arguing both sides. Seems the biggest argument for it is fear of terrorism and the potential for a Trojan Horse style slaughter.
Interesting theory but I don't think that should be a great concern, honestly. Yes, I'm for a temporary ban on immigration but for a different reason entirely. We'll get into that later. First, let's put some minds to rest about something.

The greatest threat to American lives is not terrorism. It's Americans. No no, really. More Americans are killed by Americans every year than by anyone else.
We have shootings in major cities every day. Oddly, most of those cities are "gun free zones" like Chicago, Los Angeles and New York.

Stricter gun laws won't change anything because the people with guns in "gun free zones" don't care about the laws. If they did then they wouldn't be killing people. I hear about "common sense gun laws" but that won't change anything. First off, common sense is near extinction. Second, people who are driven to kill each other are going to do so regardless of how strictly you regulate anything. Humans are the most violent creatures on the planet and that will never change.

There are other factors too. Like sheer carelessness and selfishness. Every day I see it out on the road. People cutting across several lanes of traffic to catch an exit without regard to who may get injured, including themselves. People on their phones oblivious to the world around them. People busy eating soup (yes, I've seen that) while driving with nothing more than a knee and a prayer. The more densely populated an area is the more self-centered and careless drivers are, it seems.

Just the other day I was making a delivery in Miami. I saw so much horrendous driving that I'm convinced the people of Miami should not be allowed to drive anything larger than a Big Wheel. And it's feast or famine with those folks. Either they're trying to set land speed records while weaving through traffic like countless shuttles on a gigantic loom. Or they're doing 35 in a 65 causing other cars to pitch and dive into other lanes to avoid them. It's nutso, I tell ya.

Oh, and I can certainly see how this leads to all kinds of murders. In fact, I'm sometimes surprised the murder rate isn't a lot higher in these places. Even I was losing my shit with a lot of these people. I was hurling so many obscenities that I wouldn't have been shocked if they'd taken on physical forms and my words started slapping the hell out of people. I'm not kidding, some of these non-driving retards had me so irritated that at one point I thought I'd cussed a new language into existence.

I'm willing to bet that if everyone had to take a driving test and a test of driving laws, 90% of Americans would be on bicycles by the end of the week. That's one of the few reasons I like back roads in places like Pennsylvania; Amish cars obey highway laws better. They have this thing called courtesy. Most Americans don't know what that is anymore.
Who kills the most Americans? Selfish, self-centered, self-absorbed people who are given to stupidity. Thugs and criminals with guns who should've been beat as kids. Americans are our biggest problem. In every country their biggest problem is the people of that country. See a theme here? The more densely you populate a location, the higher the death rate.

To say we are worried about terrorism is too short sighted. Terrorism isn't nearly the threat to American lives as Americans are. Now, again, I'm for temporarily putting a "hold on a sec, we'll be right back" sign on immigration. Sure. Just not for the same reasons.
See, the way I see it is this: we have way too many starving, homeless, unemployed and impoverished people here already. I think we should focus on fixing what is a broken system before we bring more people in. We already can't take care of the ones we've got, why bring in more people we can't take care of? Honestly, humanity has gotten to the point where fleeing a country isn't the answer. The problem is everywhere.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Right To Inequality

So there was a big protest this weekend over women's rights. Did they lose any rights? Nah. They just have this preconceived notion they will. I call that "mass paranoia". It was all about "equality" and their right to have abortions. Well wait a minute. These two things are at odds with one another. How, you ask? Excellent question. Don't worry, I'm gonna answer that. Then you folks can lay into me about it. First I want you to think long and hard about shoes and which foot they're on.

So here's the thing about abortion versus equality. You don't want actual equality. What you want is superiority. And you already have it. Problem is, that's not good enough. Enough is never enough though. That's part of the human condition.

First off, do I agree with abortion? Yes and no. Yes, abortion should be an option in the case of quality of life. In the case of rape, incest and severe birth defects. Of course.
However, should it be used as just another form of birth control because you had unprotected sex and didn't think of the consequences of it? No. Should it be a single individual's decision the majority of the time? No.

It took two people to create that child. If the father of that child would be responsible for child support then he should also be allowed to be part of the decision making process. She doesn't want a kid but he does? Then he should be allowed custody at birth. Waive child support along with her rights. Just like they do men. That's equal rights.

This malarkey where women say "well it's MY body..." Yeah yeah. But if you made a conscious decision to have unprotected sex and got pregnant then you've got a bit of him growing in there too. It's not just YOUR body anymore; you're sharing it with that baby.

But, really, it's weird how we humans just take shit for granted. We have sex for recreation rather than procreation. And we do it without caring about the results because we can just scrape out what we consider a mistake. Such selfish thinking.

Look, I saw videos of that protest. Some of those chicks? Seriously, you're safe. Trust me. There isn't enough alcohol. It's like they saw a cause and latched onto it because they knew they'd be free that weekend.

I'm all about people being treated fairly and equally. So long as the hypocrisy is kept in check. "We want equal pay for equal work". Fair enough. However, make sure you're in a field where you are doing the same amount of labor. None of this "well they've gotta make allowances. I can't lift as much" or whatever. I think people should get paid based on the QUALITY and QUANTITY of their work. Occasionally that would mean some women getting paid more than other men or women where they work. Fair wages to match your abilities. Not just because of who you are.

People are quick to defend a woman if she gets hit by a man. But I thought you were equals? NOW your gender counts? Funny how we all get to pick and choose when and how we want to be treated as equals.
Am I for hitting women? Of course not. But I also don't see the fairness in a woman beating the shit out of a guy without him being able to defend himself.

Look, you want to protest shit? Protest away. Seems that in America all we need is a chance and we'll find something to protest. But I'm OK with that. Right up until your "protest" leads to criminal acts like vandalism, blocking public roads and violent behavior.
I assure you that I'm all for running people over regardless of gender or color if they block motorways. I assure you I'm all for widespread arrests of looters, vandals and those who incite or participate in violence.

Namaste and shit.