Thursday, September 28, 2017

"Kneeling For Nothing"

So it's becoming a thing to disrespect the flag and country in protest. The same flag that represents a society of freedom. The flag that countless men and women of every race, color and creed have died defending. This kid, Colin Kaepernick gets on tv and says he's protesting the National Anthem. His words are "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color."

Hhmm. Colin, Colin, Colin. Are you suffering from a concussion? Weren't you fined for insulting another player by calling him that hateful "N" word? Weren't you fined something to the tune of $11,000? Which dipped into the 14 million dollars you were paid to play a game high schoolers play for fun? Because you're so oppressed and shit. Just barely being allowed to survive, aren't ya? 
Among your freedom of speech you also have the freedom to leave this country you dislike so much. So let me ask, if he's so worried about inequity, why hasn't he given all his money to the oppressed people he's trying to raise up? I mean, if all these millionaire athletes and celebrities are worried about social and economic oppression and inequality, couldn't they help solve the issue by pooling all their money together and giving it to the poor who struggle so badly? Wouldn't that solve at least one of the problems? Seems they're awful content to hold onto their riches while speaking out against oppression. Newsflash, fucktards, if you were oppressed you wouldn't be millionaires. You wouldn't have had opportunities to excel. Oppressed? These rich bastards think they're oppressed. Apparently they've never opened a history book. Remember the period before and during the 1960's? THOSE people were oppressed and laws were passed and enforced to prevent that. Now what we have are people who aren't given unfair advantages and they have to work for what they have; work to excel. And they feel that burden to earn or be held accountable for criminal acts is oppressive. 

Look, I'm a truck driver. When I get calls about freight they don't ask what color my skin or even my truck is. They just quote the rate. Skin color doesn't factor in. They don't say "but with your white privilege card you get a better rate." 

Because, you know, "white privilege" and shit. We even need a group to tell us that Black Lives Matter because we'd gotten careless and just lumped all lives into the same basket. Silly us, thinking all lives are equal. Let's look at some of this oppression and inequity. 

Black people kill more black people than cops do. The "violence" that people claim the police commit is not racially motivated. If people of ANY color want to avoid any risk of violence from the police they should quit breaking the law. 
Kaepernick says that black people and people of color are "oppressed". I fully support his desire to end this prejudicial oppression. I hope that some day black people are allowed to go to the same schools as the rest of us, be allowed the same financial aid as the rest of us. I pray that some day the oppression will end and black people will be allowed to work, own property or even businesses. Hopefully some day the oppression will end and people of all races and colors will be allowed to be doctors, lawyers, millionaire pro athletes or even run for public office. Can you imagine when everyone is protected by the same rights to free speech, assembly and freedoms afforded everyone else. 
But, no, because of "oppression", blacks are stuck with segregation like the NAACP, BET, Jet Magazine, Miss Black America and so on and so forth. If only we could end the segregation and let them be equals. Oh wait... 

Just using the word "Oppression" doesn't entitle you preferential treatment. It doesn't mean breaking the law with impunity. You aren't "oppressed" if you just don't try to better yourself. If you apply yourself and put in maximum effort and still fail to succeed, it's not a flag or country oppressing you, it's life oppressing you. Poor decision making isn't oppression. 

Just because a millionaire pro athlete raised by a white family isn't smart enough to know what actual "oppression" is, doesn't make his lack of patriotism any more noble. Because he ISN'T oppressed and has the freedom of speech granted ALL citizens, regardless of race, color, creed or religion, he can say whatever he wants. That right was given him by true patriots who paid dearly for it. 

We live in a nation where we have a black man as president and a society who says black people are "oppressed". Seriously? Am I the only sane person here?!
Ya know, the other night I was watching a video on Facebook of Terry Crews talking about cooking. I thought to myself then "ya know, he and I aren't too far apart in age. If I'd not been irresponsible during my youth, how much different could my life have been?" I didn't think anyone held me back except myself. I didn't think his greater success was oppressing me. 

Did Colin Kaepernick rise to the level of second string, has-been quarterback in the NFL through "oppression"? Or did he apply himself? Did Michael Jordan become the great that he was through oppression? You ever see the movie, The Blindside? It's a true story of a homeless kid who is adopted by a family and he goes on to become a fantastic pro football player. Seems to me that's the exact opposite of oppression. Guess what that guy ISN'T doing. He isn't complaining about being held down by oppression. Instead he's thankful for the opportunities he was given. He isn't running around being disrespectful and complaining about how unfair this country is. 

Now that I'm in my 40's I'm informed that this whole time I had a "white privilege" card. I checked my wallet and the mail. Still haven't received it yet. You know what I HAVE received? Struggle. A fight to go from homeless to successful. A struggle every step of the way. You know what "white privilege" is? It's getting blamed for shit. Woohoo! Like I haven't made my own share of mistakes to get blamed for? 

Commit a crime, fail to comply with the directions from the cops, pull a gun and get shot... Police brutality. No. It's "criminal stupidity". There's a difference. I hate having to quote a movie in my blog but, as Jim Carey said in Liar,Liar... "quit breaking the law, asshole!" 

"But...but... It's society that puts people in the position they've gotta steal to live..." Ya, I've heard that one. Really? In a country where the government encourages everyone, legal citizen and illegal immigrant alike, to live off welfare and food stamps you're telling me we have to steal to survive? To SURVIVE? I think not. This isn't Burundi. This isn't Sherwood Forest and none of us are Robin Hood. 
Take some responsibility. Get a job. Quit breaking the damn law. Quit segregating yourselves. Apply yourself, always strive to improve and push. Just like all the successful athletes, actors, musicians, and so on that are succeeding on their own merit. 

So people like Colin can use their freedoms to say what they want. Ironic, though, that he has all this freedom to speak out about how oppressed he is. MY right to free speech means I can say he's an overpaid, undereducated, ignorant attention hound.  

Namaste and shit.

Now, that's an article I wrote for my blog last year. Surprisingly, this still holds true. Only now I'm going to expound on it. 

This "oppression" I hear of... name me someone in America who has truly been oppressed. Tell me what rights they aren't allowed that the rest of us are. 
I hear "well you don't get it because you're white." Then they go on to the "if" game. "If a black man..." but no actual examples of anyone from any ethnicity ACTUALLY being oppressed. Just sure conjecture and emotion driven supposition. 

"Well it's about racism.." Ok. So then I ask for examples of racism and I get things like "well black people are less likely to succeed when starting below the poverty level." Interesting thought but is that purely because of skin color? Or are there other factors? See, to say something is racially motivated, we have to illustrate how that thing only happens to a specific race and is based on skin color. Like back when water fountains, restaurants and such said "whites only" or "no blacks". THAT was racism. Failure to succeed isn't racism. Especially not when there are, indeed, black people who put forth the drive and motivation and DO succeed. Ask Ben Carson, Eli Whitney, Morgan Freeman and a host of others who rose from poverty to success. 

"But Christian, you don't understand. There's inequality". So explain how we aren't treated as equals. Remove emotion and explain to me using logic and reason. We all have the same rights. The law applies to us equally. One's failure to seek or take advantage of opportunities to advance and succeed is not "inequality" or "racism". 

The NFL receives Billions of dollars in federal subsidies from taxpayers' money. They are also a tax exempt entity. 
For these multimillionaires to say they are protesting the national anthem while holding their hands out for more money from the government is both hypocritical and ludicrous as they're protesting a cause based on fantasy rather than in reality.

Monday, August 21, 2017

"Hate To Tell You..."

Let me be clear: I don't care if you lean left, right, middle or fall over on your back, acts of violence and terrorism are wrong. Your political affiliation doesn't give you a moral high ground. That being said: 

For the past several years there's been a growth in two major violent hate groups in America, BLM and Antifa. Both have crossed the line from "hate group" to "terrorist organization" and get increasing media coverage. Both also seem to clash with both police and regular citizens as well as other hate groups. 

Take, for example, the unfortunate business in Charlottesville a short bit ago. Looked like 2 hate groups being forced to meet head-on. I'm actually surprised there wasn't more carnage considering both groups are so vehemently opposed. Which is when something struck me as odd. 

Maybe I'm the only one who's ever thought about this, maybe it's just because I look at things from multiple perspectives. Either way, hopefully you'll hear me out (or read this all the way through, whatever) and it'll make you go "hmmm". 

See, here's what doesn't make sense.... in nearly every major event by BLM and Antifa, the terrorists aren't local for the most part. They come in busses. Seems fair enough; most people don't want to stir up that kind of hatred, vandalism and destruction near home. I get that. 
Those people have to be staying at hotels then, right? So in places like Charlottesville you had two opposing hategroups (white Supremacists and BLM/Antifa) come in from out of town, get in a fight in a park then disperse and go back to their hotels? And during their stay, prior to the park incident they all just got along? After the fight they all just went back to the hotels and never argued again? Does that seem odd to you?

I mean, if actual Neonazis and KKK were staying at hotels in the same town as the BLM folks I'd expect there'd be a few fights before and after, not just during. I'm glad there isn't and I don't condone ANY terroristic hate group but I don't buy what tv is selling here. 

Do I believe it's possible that there's a larger purpose like just keeping us divided? Yes. It would make sense. As long as we are fighting amongst ourselves over asinine reasons then we can't unite against a tyrannical system. You know, the same system all of these hate groups seem to be opposed to. 

So, instead of coming together to make the system better what do we do? We fight over 100 year old statues. Statues that've stood for a century without people being butthurt. Now they matter? Seriously? Or are we just being made to be the assistant while the illusionists perform their trick? 

I travel the country. I talk to people from every state, ethnicity, nationality and religion. What I've seen is that the "racism" that these groups says is so rampant doesn't really exist. 
I've had political, philosophical and religious debates with people. None of them have led to fights. Or looting. Or rioting. Rarely do they even lead to elevated voices. 
Do we always see eye to eye? Of course not. But once we get to the point emotion is removed from the discussion and we are just speaking fact and reason it's just two people talking. Quite often several people talking. Not arguing, talking. 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Captain Miss America

Any of you watch Captain America? Dude, that guy is awesome. A little upsetting to find out it's not an actual biography though. Here I was cheering for him and stuff. But, sadly, it's not real. Ok, well a couple parts are true.
As it turns out, there really was a World War 2. Trippy, right? I'm sure you guys already knew that though. There was a bad guy doing bad things. When his buddy attacked us we got active. Obviously, our military was heavily involved and folks were lining up to enlist in the military. 

Even though we were at war, a big big war, not everyone was able to grab a gun and go fight. See, this is the other part of the movie that was true. No no, really. They told some people they couldn't get in. It was "hey, thanks for your patriotic offer but it's gonna be a 'no' from us. You've got a medical condition that goes against our hiring policy". Or something like that. 
The list included things like flat feet (I guess the arch in the foot is important), asthma (I guess you've gotta breathe ok when fighting for your life), diabetes (because slipping into a diabetic coma when driving a tank might be bad), facial tattoos (maybe something to do with your decision making skills and how it reflects on your employer), and the list goes on. 

Hell, I'd planned on going in the military when I was a senior in high school. Only missed one question on the ASVAB according to my recruiter. He basically told me "just pick what you wanna do."  I wanted to be a pilot. He was all "well, anything but that. You wear glasses and you can't be a pilot if you need glasses going in. How about linguistics or something?"
Didn't matter because before I could finalize everything I found something that also disqualifies you, a felony. Yep. I screwed up and got arrested for a felony a week before I was to enlist. Crap. In the 60's they'd have given me the option of going to the military instead of jail. In 1990, not so much. 

Now though? Now a BUNCH of people are upset because they reverted to the rule of no "transgender" people in the military. "Progressives" are saying it as "hateful bigotry" to not let these folks in. For 100 years it's been ok to refuse to hire people with medical, legal or psychiatric issues and there's been no outrage. Yet here we are now. 

Now, the President met with military leaders and they all discussed this beforehand. It wasn't some sudden and random thing. Their primary reasoning? It's just not cost effective. Hmm. Let's take a quick looksee. 

The military budget increases by 2.4 million to 8.4 million annually by accommodating "trans" people. So not hiring them saves millions of dollars a year. I'm not sure if this includes the roughly 2 years they can't actually do the work they're getting paid for while they undergo surgeries at taxpayer expense. If not, I wonder what that cost is. 
Then there's the lifetime of maintenance required which, naturally, would also be at the taxpayer's expense. Ongoing hormone treatment and potential surgeries, have we considered that cost? 

Let's go just a tad deeper, shall we? With the WPATH Standards of Care. The most recent version, Version 7 of the Standards of Care, says that is strongly suggested that someone does see a qualified mental health professional if they are going to be starting medical transition. But, it does say it is also ok if the medical professional you are going to is trained in behavioral health and/or they work as part of a multiple disciplinary team, meaning there is probably someone there who would do an evaluation with you. 
Huh, well that's weird. I thought the military didn't hire people with a pre-existing need to see a mental health professional. In fact: 'Section 8 is a category of discharge from the United States military, used for a service member judged mentally unfit for service. It also came to mean any service member given such a discharge or behaving as if deserving such a discharge, as in the expression, "he's a Section 8".'

"But what about the special accommodations and allowances that can and must be made for 'trans' people in the military?" Well that's certainly an additional expense as well. Special "we care" type training that interferes with the job. Were they willing to make these allowances and accommodations for Steve Rogers all the times he got rejected? What about all the asthmatics? I'm hearing crickets.

See, ultimately, the military is a job. The can set guidelines for who they will hire. For financial reasons they chose to not hire 'trans' people. 'Trans' people already didn't meet the hiring criteria and the last manager/owner, Obama, made exceptions. The military is under new management and they decided to enforce the rules and quit making exceptions. Don't like it? Apply elsewhere. I hear Starbucks likes a good "progressive" cause.