Monday, June 15, 2015

"No More"

The shadows creep in and overtake the moonlight 
As the glow slowly fades I can hear them calling
Whispering my name again on the edge of night 
I feel myself on the edge of terror and falling
No chute to slow my descent into icy madness 
I careen towards the frozen black abyss of my mind
All the while feeling the dementia growing with sadness
My own illusion of sanity becoming hard to find
As I succumb to the eerie stillness buried within 
The whispers that plagued me turn to screams
As the darkness consumes me once again
And I know my demons will haunt my dreams
Ever present, I can sometimes hold them at bay
Winning the occasional battle as I lose the war 
They're overtaking me a little more with each day
Already I'm beginning to feel that I exist no more