Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"Broken Halo"

I want to be perfect, I want to be exactly like you. 
I'm working on it but I may not have what it takes
I'm still trying to learn how to steal, cheat and lie too. 
Trying to figure out how to only point out mistakes
It's harder than you make it look, I'll say that much
I tried to lie yesterday but it came out all wrong 
I ended up being honest again, accidentally nice and such 
Don't worry, I'll catch on, it shouldn't take long
As I held up your halo and taped the broken pieces you'd smile
But I'm that demon that says what others only think 
Pursuing perfection as you ignore your flaws all the while
Elevating yourself on the backs of those on the brink
Your cracks not visible to those you keep at a distance
Your hypocrisy shines through when you spread your broken wings
Pushing your own agenda and mocking resistance
You push reality away to avoid the truth it brings
Behind the curtain you reveal your second face 
Forever contradicting your own claimed belief
Disappearing into your own condescension without a trace

Your perfection is nothing more than a hollow shell
Yet we weak would swoon on your every word
Believing in all those lies that you tell so well
You believe them yourself no matter how absurd

But I'll no longer take part in your masquerade
My knee won't bend to give you any more praise
I'll not continue to play along in this endless charade
Nor am I impressed anymore by your operatic displays
So sit in judgement of me if you will
I'm not worried about your crooked finger pointing
Your double talk or your laughter so shrill
The words from your forked tongue are silent
And I'm immune to your empty charm
As I look back on your actions I'm filled with regret 
Knowing you've done far less good than harm

I watch as you adjust your halo before walking out
Back into the world you go to mock them again
You turn before I have a chance to scream and shout
That you're a "Saint" dripping with sin
No one's savior not even your own
You ignore my words and your shattered halo
You refuse to see the truth that you've been shown
But I can see past the mask to the monster below
Some day I'll finally get through to you and you'll see
But for now I'm nothing more than another mistake 
The one you once bared your soul and heart to
Just someone else whose love you could forsake
I'm just wreckage in the wake that was love for you. 

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