Friday, June 5, 2015


Magical jelly beans? Can this really be for real? 
Sit back, have a few and I'll tell you the deal. 
You ask how they can be magic, you really want to know. 
Well of course they are. They make your heart and your smile grow. 
It takes magic seeds, planted by garden gnomes. 
Watered by fairies who live in dewdrop homes. 
The weeds are removed by unicorns and their magical horn. 
Sometimes a piece falls off. (That's called candy corn). 
They give you strength and make all your sickness leave. 
Every time you eat one you build up more magic I believe. 
That tasty goodness even dries tears, I've seen it myself. 
That's why it's so hard to keep the magic ones on the shelf. 
I grow some myself from seeds I got from a fairy prince. 
When I first met him he was just a frog on my fence. 
We sat under a toadstool and he told me the secret way back when. 
The secret, he said, is the jelly bean's magic comes from within. 
The magic is in you, you just have to set it free. 
And that's the story as it was told to me.