Wednesday, June 17, 2015

If You Can't Say Anything Nice....

First off I have to thank Christian for this lovely chance to go on a bit of my own rant.  I get to do this so rarely, that I am rather excited about it.  For those who don't know me, I'm Rebecca from Living a Life of Writing.  On to my personal rant.

I have nothing against teenagers, or tweens, I don't.  I have two of my own pre-teens and I can't possibly love them any more.  The problem I have with this group is the lack of "brains."  I'm not talking about being smart, because some are I'm talking about the ones who can't seem to shut their mouths for five seconds to actually think.

I'm a bit different, I know this.  As a small sized child, I was the runt of the playground and this meant I had to learn when to actually run my mouth or not.  I also learned very quickly, it didn't pay to mouth off to adults.

Somewhere along the line, teens have forgotten this theme.

I deal with them a lot in my day to day life.  The ones who irritate me the most have parents who can't be bothered to raise their own heads out of their phones.  I've seen it happen, the teen or tween, decides to shoot their mouths, and gets told no and... starts to whine.

WHINE. What are you kidding me? No, I would have been hauled off out of a store by my neck and grounded for a month.  Instead the whining and the begging from the parents begin. It'll make me want to cry.  It's not nice to watch, and worse when you are the one who has to deal with these self-absorbed, self-centred people.

Or, this is what kills me, is the lack of respect for other adults.  These kids know they can get away with this, and they do.  If precious pumpkin's feelings get hurt, this is where the wild, angry "I just finished texting to X and I'm gonna have to hear this now?" and proceeds to get angry at the person whom their child disrespected.

The teens only get worse because they can't and won't learn about respect and being polite.  They just learn that they too have "rights" and not responsibilities to others.

If you can't say anything nice...

Repeat after me: don't say nothing at all.

What I wish for is a bit of respect for everyone.  You don't have to be mouthy to be the "big bad teen" on the block.  You can win respect in other ways.  You can look at others and see that although you have differences this doesn't mean you don't respect them.

Same goes for adults, because we have to show our teens some sort of value, love and respectfulness and hard work.  We don't, we show them rap stars and the Kardashians and Jenners.  We show them that money buys everything (it doesn't.)

We don't show them that being polite will get you farther, and being a better person will help in the end.  We don't show them that being polite doesn't mean being less of anything.

We've got a chance.  I wonder though, are we going to lose it?