Friday, June 26, 2015

"Doomed to Repeat History"

My question on this: 
The Civil War was fought partially because the federal government wouldn't acknowledge the States' sovereignty in passing their own laws. Sooo... What happens now that a federal law is forced that contradicts what some states have passed into law? 
Some states have consistently ruled against gay marriage. Now they're told by the government, basically, "too bad". 
Ironically, as they fight to take down a flag that symbolized a war against precisely this type of governing, the government flexes more "you'll do as we say" muscle...
I'm not against gay marriage; it doesn't affect me. I'm not necessarily against this ruling. I'm just pointing out the irony and wondering about backlash.

I've stated before and I'll state again: if you're against gay marriage then don't marry a gay person. Other than that I don't see where it's anyone's business. What's the harm, really? I personally feel marriage is a sacred Union. I'm also twice divorced. I don't think sexual orientation is going to do any more "harm" to the institution of marriage than has already been done. (Maybe here I should stop to explain since it keeps getting confused...yes, I'm twice divorced. Yes, I believe marriage is a sacred Union. The point in those combined statements is this: regardless of how sacred this institution is, we still manage to screw it up. Divorce is becoming more and more common. So, who are we to say that those same-sex marriages are going to ruin the idea of marriage any more than we heterosexuals?)

Heterosexuals have had centuries of messing up marriages. As it turns out, marriage is also the leading cause of divorce. So now more people get to lose half of what they own. Awesome. Is it really my problem or yours? I say "hey, let gays have the same right to grow to hate one another as we heterosexuals get." 

I see people posting about "it's a great day for the LGBT community and equality." Eh, I don't understand our fascination with "equality". Yeah, yeah, Lincoln said "all men are created equal.." so I'm curious how far we are going to start taking this "equality" thing? Are guys supposed to start having babies next? Count me out. I'll be the first to admit the inequality of the sexes. I'm not interested in giving birth. 

Oh, what else did they do though? What did they do to show "equality" to other minorities? Simple. They violated an agreement that they made with a DIFFERENT minority. No, seriously, they did. In fact, it was a minority America had CREATED. How's that for further irony? 
See, the government made an agreement with the Apache Indians quite some time ago. After nearly eradicating them for having the audacity of being on our land before we got here. Only now they don't care about that agreement anymore and they just gave (yes, gave away) Apache holy land to a company in Australia so they could mine for copper. 
Well, wait a minute, I thought we were a country that valued all people, honored our agreements and touted "equality". Give one thing, take two others. 

It's great that we applaud "progress". Ya know what's better? Learning from our own history. Eventually other people are going to notice the "give one thing, take two others" tactic that our government likes to pull. 

So we've got the federal government forcing us to buy insurance from private companies, overruling states' laws, giving away Apache holy land, and just giving themselves raises and exorbitant benefits packages while impoverishing the people they rule. Nah, this can't turn out badly at all. No wonder they keep wanting to take everyone's guns...