Thursday, February 26, 2015

Time To Rethink Time

I hear about this new super black hole is making scientists rethink timelines and the "Big Bang Theory". 
Which leads me to wonder...time, itself, is a man made concept so what if our perception of time is what's faulty? I mean, it only makes sense. Every civilization in history measured time in a different fashion. It's mankind's arrogance that if we give a name to a concept that we can own it or control it. We can't. 
We name things in an effort to control them. Only mankind does that. Because we are the "supreme creatures"? Not likely. We've managed to develop language and technology. For what purpose? To control other animals. Man is an animal. We hate to be reminded of that because we feel animals are beneath us. 
Maybe the other animals have it figured out more in their ignorance than we do. They kill only to survive. They don't worry about "time". They don't measure distance. Although it would be kinda neat to see a cheetah with a pedometer. 
So this super black hole doesn't fit our timeline. Hmm. Maybe our timeline is faulty. Maybe the universe doesn't care about our measurements because it can't be controlled. Or maybe, just maybe it's the universe's way of laughing at us having the temerity to think our opinion makes a difference. 

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