Thursday, February 5, 2015


Is it possible the universe corrects mistakes in its own tapestry? If you screw up once are you doomed to misery eternally? 
Is there a chance that once a tread is misplaced the whole picture changes, or can it be re woven? 
I sit and wonder these things late at night. I reflect on past mistakes and wonder if I ever really had a conscious choice in the matter. Maybe that pattern was already set and my path determined before i had a choice. 
There's a harmony to the universe. An energy and fluidity. We can resist but are we really just doing that for show? 
I mean in Christianity, Catholicism in particular, they believe in predetermination. What if there's actually something to that, but not exactly as they believe it? And how can we really have free will if our entire lives are predetermined? 
Some nights I don't sleep at all. I'll sit up and write. Poems, short stories or just my thoughts. Do I really have a choice in that? Do any of us really have as much choice as we think we do? What drives you? Yes, you. Is it desire? Yours or the universe's? 

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