Saturday, February 7, 2015

Somewhere Today

Somewhere out there today
A father holds a mother as together they grieve
Hearing the words from the officer informing them
Words they hear but can't seem to believe
"There was an accident" he says "around 7 a.m."

Somewhere out there today 
A girl forces a smile working at a coffee shop
Knowing she will have to pick up extra shifts to make ends meet
To raise a child alone in a world that doesn't stop
Even though the baby's father died that morning crossing the street

Somewhere out there today 
Someone's life has been forever rearranged
They just looked away long enough to turn the radio dial
They didn't see how quickly the traffic light changed
Or the man step off the curb thinking about his baby's smile

Somewhere out there today
You're upset that you were late to work
Some chick screwed up your coffee order because she was tired
The road was closed because of some jerk
And where is the new guy, the one with the cute baby, the guy they just hired?

Somewhere out there today
You got a "today" when others never will again
So that you can take life for granted and whine about trivial things 
So you can complain about what a pain
It is when other people's tragedies inconvenience your life, the trauma that brings. 

Because somewhere out there today it could be your life that's over. So tell me how much it ruined your day that your coffee order got messed up. That your day was unrecoverable because of traffic. 
Go home. Hug your kids and loved ones. Just be grateful for a little while. 

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