Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Valentine

I sit here and watch her sleep. Skin so soft, like silk to the touch. Eyes flutter as she dreams so deep. She doesn't know I care this much. Long flowing hair falls across her alabaster skin. She lets out a sigh as she dreams. I can't wait to hold her again. To caress her hair and kiss her ruby lips. I need only watch her another moment or two. There, she's waking now; her eyelids quiver. Arms outstretched as she comes to. So excited I can't help but shiver. She realizes with a start that I am there. Her smile fades as a scream starts to form. I raise my knife above her chest and prepare. As reality sets in her terror is born. Too late to protest the blade pierces flesh. Splintering bone and spraying crimson red. Arterial spray making my life feel fresh. The joy I feel displays my lifelong dread. That's when I hear someone calling for me.  Gently at first then I'm shaken awake. Dream and reality entangling me. I think to myself this is some kind of mistake. Sadly it was just a vision and not yet real. That's ok, my sweet, tonight is the night. This time when you sleep it's your soul I must steal. To save you from this world of sorrow. A world full of crazies and the things they do. Don't worry, I'll take away your tomorrow. See how much I look after you? 

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