Wednesday, February 18, 2015


For my boys:

As the snow gently drifts to earth and the chill settles in I light a fire. There's a light crackle as the kindling ignites and the cords begin to catch. I await the radiating of the warmth I desire. The smell of sugar cookies fill the air from a fresh batch. It's a beautiful night outside as the full moon lights the landscape. It's ethereal glow cascading the snow covered pines. There's a whistle of the tea pot as the steam escapes. I pour a cup as I sit down to write a few lines. My mind goes blank as I hear children laughing upstairs. I decide writing will wait a while as I join them in play. I run to join them taking the steps in pairs. Quickly to the top now there's not much time left in the day. "We can play cars for a while before bed." Two pajamaed boys start building a track. We play for a bit then a story was read. While they sat listening they had a milk and cookie snack. Teeth brushed now they climb under the sheets. Hugs and kisses given three times all around. No school tomorrow because of ice covered streets. With the kids in bed I'm back downstairs bound. Tea heated back up I sit to write again. I'm trying to remember the storyline I had.  It'll be a masterpiece I think as I take up paper and pen. Then I realize my greatest achievements call me dad. 

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