Wednesday, December 30, 2015

"Citizen Ex.."

There's a good chance I'll be getting deported soon. Part of me thinks it'll suck, the other part fully understands. I'm fairly sure getting deported will hamper my bid for Presidency in 2020 though. I think that violates the conditions for running. For now at least. 
Some of you are probably shocked right now thinking "dear god, what's he done NOW?!"  Don't worry though, I've not broken any laws that are on the books just yet. It's the "unspoken rules" I've violated.  

See, I woke up this morning and checked my google+ account and Facebook just as I normally do. And that's when it hit me. I realized I wasn't offended by anything I saw. How unAmerican. Positively unpatriotic of me, not being up in arms over anything. 
I saw posts about a Muslim who feels discriminated against because her job required her to serve alcohol. Even though that was a job requirement when she took the job. Rather than just finding a job that fits her beliefs she felt the company should conform to her. So she's suing the airline for being upset that she won't do the job she was hired to do. 

Did that offend me? Nope. Par for the course here in the U.S. of A. If you don't want to do something, just cry "discrimination" and the country will flock to your side and demand an apology. Common sense just goes out the window in the interest of being the "happy feelings" country. 

I saw videos where people were protesting a violent criminal's death by breaking the law. Was I shocked? Not even a little. It's a well known fact we Americans should be able to break the law without risk of the police hampering our efforts. In fact...

I read where our President sent people and condolences to the thug's funeral and claimed we have a "police brutality" issue but neglected that we have a "violent thugs getting what's coming to them" issue. Which is really the larger problem. 
The same President who had a noted absence at any funerals for murdered police officers. Because this is America. "Home of the Free"... To live off society, rob, and riot. Where "Black Lives Matter" but everyone else is a "racist". Was I offended though? Nope. I'm getting used to it. 

I saw my Facebook feed was inundated with videos of people saying they were "waging war on cops" but no one dared saying anything for fear of "violating their freedom of speech". But I wasn't offended. It's just an average day. 

I looked around and saw a nation where the government welcomes illegal immigration and encourages those people to seek welfare and Medicaid while forcing those working to pay more for health care. Was I appalled? Not really. 

When I get deported for not caring which drunken, drug addled celebrity cheated on whom...please send me somewhere that has lasagna. I try real hard to get upset over every trivial news story because I understand it can be spun to serve any racial or religious agenda as suits whichever side's needs. I just can't bring myself to do it. Maybe I'm just too concerned with taking care of my own family. I can try to watch more Jerry Springer, news channels or other of the sideshows on tv that's only interested in ratings. But I doubt I'll get upset just because every else's views aren't exactly like mine.

See, I wasn't offended by any of these things. Why not? Because I've come to expect them. Just as I've come to expect there to be a daily campaign about something offending us in America. The very fact I'm not offended on a daily basis is what I think I'll get deported for. 
It's the new American standard. Someone says something that hurts your feelings? They're a bully. Is what they said true? Immaterial. So what should we do? Start an "anti bullying" campaign. Practice "freedom of speech" long as you only say the things that are on the approved list. It's ok to be offended that someone called your kid ugly. Maybe they're just honest? I mean, what if your kid looks like a troll and a badger crossbred? Everyone has flaws. We are apex predators, we prey on the weak. Toughen up. 

It's unAmerican to not be offended by something daily. It's unAmerican to be able to just change the channel or close a website. If you're a Christian and celebrate Christmas it's now unAmerican to say "Merry Christmas" as is your religious belief because you might offend a Muslim's or atheists' ears. Because their freedom of religion is more important than yours. That's the American way. We don't worry about the majority because we don't want to offend the minority. 
But me? I'm not offended by that. I just take it in stride. I know that violates the new rules we've established but I'm ok with that too. Why? Because I'm tired of being offended. I'm hoping it catches on some day and an increasing number of people quit being offended. I don't want change to not happen. Change can be good. It can show growth. But, maybe, I'm viewed as unAmerican because I don't view a country collapsing in on itself as "growth". I don't believe that a country who wants so much "tolerance" and "diversity" can stand if it keeps weakening its values and society in an effort to make sure no one gets their feelings hurt. 
I suppose it's an unAmerican way of thinking that it's completely unrealistic to please everyone. That sometimes you're going to get your feelings hurt or be held accountable for yourself. That a nation with a growing number of people living off handouts won't support itself for long. More importantly, it's positively unpatriotic to believe that a nation run by extremely wealthy politicians deciding what's best for the working class becomes a roller coaster of chaos and ruin. 
It's also unAmerican to point out that maybe, just maybe if people spent less time worrying about how messed up everyone else's lives and decisions are and spent more time worrying about their own there'd be less and less to offend everyone. 

I wonder where they'll send me. I don't think they'd send me somewhere there's a chance I'd take over. Hopefully there will be pizza where they send me though. If I'm gonna get exiled I want pizza. Or lasagna. I've been learning Italian lately. Fingers crossed. 

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