Sunday, December 6, 2015

"A History of Violence"

Ok, so I keep hearing talk about how we have a gun problem in America. This comes on the heels of two people shooting up a holiday party in California. I don't need to give you the details, we all saw the news. 
I'd like to discuss this "gun problem" we have. It doesn't exist. Guns aren't the problem. People are. 

Humans are apex predators. Top of the food chain. We are predators, that means there must be prey. So what do we prey on? Everydamnthing. Including each other. 
As predators we are violent creatures by nature. Take a look at history. How far back ya wanna go? Cain and Abel? I don't recall reading anything about Cain using a gun. 
Ancient Egypt? Still no guns but people killed one another. The Crusades? No guns. Just people slaughtering each other over religious beliefs. Spanish Inquisition? Same story, different setting. 

The list goes on. And it will go on for as long as humans exist. Guns just make it more efficient. Our government makes it more excusable. As does the media. And they sensationalize it; they almost glorify it. Not that shooting in particular but other killings. 
We live in a society where victims are heroes and nothing is ever our own fault. Unless, of course, it feeds the fires to vilify people to further a cause. Hell, I'm honestly surprised that someone isn't screaming "police brutality" over the cops in California shooting the perpetrators of that mass shooting. 
We are inching closer to a nation where we will have "terrorist lives matter" groups or some "murderers and rapists are misunderstood" movement. "It wasn't his fault he killed those people, he was just expressing his feelings." Or some idiotic shot like that. Then Oprah and Dr Phil will have them hug it out. 

We are, after all, the "feel good" country. The "it's not your fault and you should be entitled" nation. Everyone should be entitled to not work. The welfare system is apparently self sustaining. It comes from magic money that just appears outta nowhere. Like mana from the heavens and shit. 
Everything is a "disorder" or "disability". Why? Because it's not your fault. There's even a B.E.D. thing going on now. Have you heard of this? Binge Eating Disorder. It's a mental illness now. Yep. Stuffing your facehole is now a disease. 

Guns are the problem, eh? Because the only people that should have guns are the guys protecting the politicians. Right? And why is that? Just give them some Cheetos and have them throw those instead. 

I say instead of taking away guns, give back all the accountability they've taken from us. If they want to take something away so badly why not take away the excuses? Quit giving people a reason to say "it's not my fault". Quit giving people handouts and start giving them the ability to be proud. Quit weakening society and expecting predatory animals to not prey on those weaknesses. 
That's what those politicians are, predators exploiting weaknesses they've created. That's what terrorists do, they prey on and exploit the weak and those unable to fight back. How do you stop terrorism? You show them you aren't afraid of them. 

We don't have a gun problem. We have a violence problem. We always have and we always will. We have a lack of accountability problem. We have a "we created a society of weak minded" problem. We have an "it's not your fault" problem. We have a "we don't know how to deal with disappointment" problem. 

We create a nation where you're not allowed to hurt anyone's feelings. A country where it's easier to be offended, start a movement and outlaw the "not nice" thing you saw than it is to just change the channel. A society where we can't deal with reality. A society with a lot of homeless and hungry people, and we want people to keep coming over. "Load this country to capacity! Standing room only! And no one should have to work". Then they wonder why there's so much violence and conflict here. 

Don't worry about taking away guns. Worry about the lack of common sense. Let's be honest, folks. We are a country founded on violence. Every country in existence has a history of violence. You think guns are the problem? Nope. It's just human nature. 

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