Thursday, December 10, 2015

"A World at War. Again"

Here I am, Mr Current Events and shit, listening to people vilify Donald Trump for his stance on Syrian refugees. Well, you know me, I'm gonna take a look at it from my own angle. Yeah, I'm probably bound to piss off a few people too but I reckon the only way to avoid that is to shut up. Not exactly my strong point. 

I've seen people post several different arguments for why we should bring them in. So we will look at each of these separately. It'll be fun. 

First off, there's a meme going around wherein an American Indian is telling Columbus, "sorry, we aren't accepting refugees." Then someone will post "what if they'd turned refugees away? We wouldn't be here."
Ok. Fair enough. We wouldn't be here. So let's think "what if they'd turned us away?" Well, there'd sure be a lot more of those Indians around. They took in refugees who slaughtered them wholesale, destroyed their way of life, stole their country and left what few remained on reservations. 
Sure that's the comparison you want to draw? When people mention that the Indians took in refugees I ask "yeah, how'd that work out for them?" Granted, only a percentage of those refugees the Indians greeted ended up turning on the Indians. Not all of them were bad people. 

So they changed tactics and post "change the word Muslim to Jew and ask yourself, 'do I sound like a Nazi?' ". Hmm. Interesting thought. So I tried it. For every terror act perpetrated by radical Islamic terrorists I called the terrorists Jews. Did I feel like a Nazi? I'm unsure but I did feel bad for blaming one group for the actions of another. 
My response was: 
'No. I'd not sound like a Nazi. Here, I'll try this test...
"2 Jews killed people in California. 8 Jews coordinated a terror attack in Paris killing over 100 people. A handful of Jews hijacked planes and flew them into the World Trade Center. 
Jews are beheading people who don't follow their religion. Jews have laws in place to kill rape victims. Jews want to go to countries outside their own and force their laws and beliefs upon the countries they are invading."

Still think it's apples and apples? 
I say it's apples and terrorists. 

I don't care if you change the word "Muslim" to "muppets". If the muppets did the things these terrorists have done I wouldn't want their furry little asses here either. 
However, if one could change Muslims to Jews then I'd invite them in for dinner. 
You're welcome and shit.'

So then they tried yet another tactic. A picture of a Muslim soldier's grave who died in battle while serving in the Army. The post? "Some Muslims died protecting your right to be ignorant..."
My response: 
"Not all Muslims are radical Islamist terrorists. I agree. But all radical Islamist terrorists have been Muslims. Those are the people who have declared war on America. 
So, when letting 10,000 Muslims into America, can you spot which ones are radical Islamists? 
The Boston bombers? Their family came here as refugees. San Bernardino? She was here on a visa. 
So...did those people look the same as the ones coming here we know nothing about? 
How many of these refugees are you having stay at your house?"

Am I saying we should blame all Muslims for the acts of a few? Of course not. Although I find it interesting that the ban on all things Confederate came swiftly after one kid killed people and had a picture of himself with a confederate flag. Weird how sometimes it's okay to blame all of one group for the actions of one...
What I AM saying, however, is that we have a surplus of unemployed, starving and homeless people here already. Maybe we should make sure we can take of the people we've got before we bring more in. If we don't have food, homes or jobs for our citizens, why bring in more people we can't support? We already have how many people on welfare?? 
What I AM saying is that although only a percentage of these refugees may be radical Islamists, which ONES? We don't know. Somehow that seems important to me. Europe took in some of these refugees. Ask the people of Paris if they still think that was a great idea. 

Once we can identify which ones are the bad guys, once we get our own house under control, THEN I say we can invite guests over. Until then I think we should wait. Not forever, just until we get our shit sorted out. Just, maybe, wait until we aren't inviting the enemy to dinner. 

To me it's logic. It's not xenophobia. It's not racist or hateful. We simply don't know the first thing about these people. We only know that a percentage of their group wants to kill, maim, torture and rape. What percentage? Who knows. Which ones? Who knows. And that's a problem. 
When someone can stand at the port and point out which of the refugees is a radical then we can revisit the idea. Until then...

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