Friday, November 10, 2017

Spatial Disappointment

Has anyone else noticed that there aren't UFO sightings like there were in the 60's and 70's? Hell, even into the 80's. It's like aliens just quit visiting. (Clearly it's not that there are less drugs).Ever wonder why they stopped coming around? I think I know. I think we've scared them off. 
No, not by our military might and technology. By our society. I mean, I can't blame them. I get a lot bit nervous and worried about the direction we are headed in as well. I think they've simply given up on the search for intelligent life on our planet because, well, there's so little of it. Unless you count cats. Cats are pretty smart. Humans? Not so much. Humans are the dumbest smart creature on the planet. 

Seriously, folks, but we may be getting a little carried away these days. This "trans" stuff is just getting absurd. Have you seen this stuff lately? Holy hell. 

There's a "man" who was/is a woman who is pregnant. Their spouse is a "woman" who is/was a man. Now the "man" is pregnant. And we get these articles about a "pregnant man". Look here, if you have a vagina and uterus you are NOT a MAN. It's simple biology. Is our school system failing so badly we can't tell the difference in anatomy? 
It doesn't matter if a woman grows a beard, she's still a female. 
But...but... this one "identifies" as a man. So? Does she have a "Y" chromosome? She can identify as a damn cantaloupe if she wants, doesn't change biology. 

A man puts a skirt on and now he's suddenly a woman? Doesn't work that way. I dressed up as Jason Vorhees for Halloween once; you see me living in a lake and killing people? Sure, the tendencies might be there but it's not a profession. (Mostly for legal reasons. Plus, waterfront property is too expensive and I'd have to work to pay for it which would cut into my serial killing lifestyle). 

And what's this "non binary" bullshit?! You read about this? People who refer to themselves as "they" because they don't "identify as either gender". What the shit, people?! 
There's a woman in Canada who just gave birth. She fought to have the baby's gender listed as "U" on its birth certificate. Says the baby can decide its own gender when it gets old enough. Seriously. I can't make this stuff up. 
It's not like the Royal "We" or some multiple personality disorder. It's "They". As in "They" are part of the reason the UFO's went away. 
I can see it now, some Science Officer from a far-off planet is asked to come abduct and test humans. Their civilization is vastly more advanced than ours and they're supposed to see if we are worthy of their advanced technology. He looks down at Earth on their little interstellar atlas:

"Humans, you say? From EARTH?! No way. We've been down that route. They started advancing then something happened. They just went off the rails. I'm not going back. 
"Look, I don't know how it happened but they started some fad where they started 'identifying' as broccoli and half the planet has boiled themselves. We gave them the Pyramids, we helped them develop microwave popcorn and now? Women think they're men, men think they're women. It's like a global psychotic break down there. Nope. Send Bill, I'm not going."

Now we can't have interstellar friends because...people. Unless. Unless all these "non binary" critters ARE from a different galaxy. Like their people came here and dropped them off like "sorry, we broke them.  They're your problem now. Adios"

Look what we've done. Now... stop your shit! I want the Spacemen to come back. 
Isn't it bad enough we can't find a Bigfoot anywhere? A whole species of "the missing link" is in hiding because they don't want to be associated with humans. See what we've done? We can't even make new old friends. A camera on every phone in the world and Bigfoot won't even photobomb campers anymore. I'd rather have one Bigfoot or one Spaceman than the ever increasing number of people who "identify" as something they simply aren't. 

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