Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"Sleep Sound"

As the shadows slowly creep in I know I'll not sleep tonight
The demons in my mind are already welcoming that dark
And I know that I'll be left to lay here and control my fright
As I wait for those echoing voices to leave their mark
They'll destroy, plunder and ravage my mind
As they ride their nightmares and spread doubt
Taking up residence in every memory they find
And I'll be slowly dying inside while busy living without 
They visit me regularly, these horsemen of horror
Bringing with them this  hell of nightmarish pestilence 
Feeding on my self doubt and screams of terror
I learned long ago that they grow stronger with resistance 
For with every night I refuse to sleep it only gets worse
It's been two days and I can feel my will grow weak
Your sleep is relaxing and healing but mine is a curse
Because my eventual insanity is the reward the demons seek

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