Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Soccer, Racism, and Pearl Harbor

                                                  Soccer, Racism, and Pearl Harbor 

 As some of you know I am a unashamedly a soccer fan in a (mostly) football/baseball/and basketball nation. :) I was pretty thrilled to see the USWNT take the cup on July 5th - I was especially happy for Abby Wambach, Lauren Holiday, and Christie Rampone, as they are all scheduled to retire before the next world cup, what a way to go out! 

Admitted, we looked pretty vulnerable in our first four games - against Nigeria, Australia, Sweden, and Columbia. However, in the quarterfinals against China we seemed to finally come alive! And then we beat FIFA's number one ranked team, Germany, 2-0. Our World Cup journey ended with the cup when we beat number four ranked Japan 5-2. :) 

A while later I went on Twitter and heard that the hashtag #PearlHarbor was trending. This really shocked and saddened me. Yes, I am an American and proud to be one! However, I don't believe that God created one country better than another, which is one of the reasons why I am so against racism (not to mention that it is just plain wrong!) Tweets and tweeters like this definitely do NOT make me proud to be American!

Some very cringeworthy tweets compared the Women's World Cup final to #PearlHarbor. Such as user @KyleKelly56

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