Saturday, July 25, 2015

"Dance With Me"

She said "I need saving. I need a hero; I need a knight.
A savior in armor to defend me from the horrors about. 
With a strong horse, sword at the ready; a paladin in white.
A dream warrior strong, noble and stout."

They're all gone now, the Prince Charmings; the heroes. 
The terrors that plague the earth are our own inner fear
There is no armour made to save against love's throes
I've got my scars to protect me from you my dear

Unicorns will run you through if you expose your heart
Damsels in distress will eat your soul to feed themselves
So the Knights ran in a panic from the very start
Tunics, swords, armor and lance left to rust upon the shelves

As we walk that valley of death and take a chance
For living in fear of love isn't living at all 
Yes, I would still waltz to that poisonous dance
Knowing in the end it's love, not life, that'll be my downfall. 

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