Sunday, March 13, 2016

"Time For a Little Change"

I should've seen this coming. People have been warning me about it for a while but I've been ignoring them. "Nah, nothing will change; everything will be just fine." Then BLAMMO! out of nowhere it happens. 
I feel like such a fool. So many plans have to be altered now. Sure, on the surface may seem the same but they aren't. I committed myself too fully to how things were. 

Now, today, I wake up at 8 in the morning and everything has changed. Every clock in my house is wrong. Time has stood still for an hour somewhere along the way. The very fabric of reality has torn somewhere, of that I'm certain. 
Life as I know it has changed. I'm the first one up and I've already nearly missed breakfast. Lunch will need to be postponed. Dinner will have to be rescheduled by an hour. Everything is in turmoil now. 

So now I'm stuck admitting I was wrong and things do change. I'm not happy about this change though. Who authorized it? Did the cosmos make some sort of shift? 
How was everyone else able to see this coming?! 
Listen here, you clairvoyants, I apologize for doubting you. Maybe next time you predict the future like this you could work on finding ways to prevent it. 
Do you have any idea how much this is going to screw up my life?! I've already got enough to deal with trying to keep my posts scheduled. Then someone goes and screws up the schedule for the whole darn country. How rude. 

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